Boxing Day Collective Haul + Christmas Gifts


Happy Holidays everyone!
I hope that you all stuffed your stomach with lots of food and that your winter holidays have been filled with laughter and cheer. 

Disclaimer: This post is in no way of me trying to boast or brag about the things I received. I'm thankful for all that I received this Christmas. Gifts are great and all, but I made the time spent with family and friends my focus this Christmas. Please have fun perusing through this post as I had so much fun making it! Feel free to exit out if it's not your cup of tea. 

"Boxing Day" is the Canadian version of America's "Black Friday". Instead of being the day after Thanksgiving, it's the day after Christmas Day. On Boxing Day, most stores are racked up with sales for clearance or just really good deals.

I didn't get much because I'm balling on a budget (being a college student and all.)

I went to Old Navy and they were having an additional 50% off of clearance items, which is super awesome! I snagged a black peasant grid dress for like $7 CAD and a pair of midrise Rockstar denim for $9. Got them both for more or less $20!

Next stop I went to Brandy Melville. They were having a 15% off the entire store sale.
Brandy Melville items rarely go on sale, so I had to take advantage of the deal. I got a black mock neck sweater, white long-sleeve, grey turtleneck short-sleeved sweater, and beige sweater.

(PS: Thanks Paulo for everything!!!)

 I saw someone selling these NMD R2 on a local Facebook buy and sell page and I just had to get them! They were sold out at my local Adidas store, so I'm glad that I got a pair.

That concludes all that I purchased on Boxing day. 
Here are all the cute gifts that I received for Christmas.

 A pastel pink PJ set from my aunt, EOS  lip balm trio set from my other aunt, and a mauve coloured Essie nail polish from my cousin. 

Two Lush bath bombs from Paulo's sister. 

 I remember when I was in elementary, even at an early age where I was able to comprehend, my parents promised to support my studies and education. They said that once I enter post-secondary, they would provide a laptop for me for notes and as a research tool. I wasn't expecting anything for Christmas, so I was really surprised that they got this Macbook Air for me!

I'm super thankful all the gifts and the opportunity to spend my Christmas break with family.

Here's a playlist of Chance the Rapper & Jeremih's Merry Christmas Lil' Mama:

Merry Litmas! 
With Love, Kathleen

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