Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition Unboxing


Disclaimer: I am not sponsored in any way to make this post.  This Jeffree Star order was purchased with my own money. Everything said in this post is my opinion. All of the photos are mine and were taken by me, or stated otherwise. 

Jeffree Star just recently launched his new product called Lip Ammunition
I am in love with his makeup line so I had to order one for myself to try out. 
The Lip Ammunition line currently has a series of pinks, and a few pops of colour. 

I placed my order the day it launched and I just received my package just yesterday. 

Unfortunately, my lipstick didn't get packaged in that cute pink box that Jeffree posted on Instagram, but the contents inside the box is what really matters. 

I bought a cult favourite, Celebrity Skin
I'm just so glad that he brought the liquid lipstick shade into a different formula. Celebrity skin is a neutral colour and it goes with almost every skin colour.

I own the Velour liquid lipstick version as well. Here are some comparison swatches. 
The liquid lipstick and the lip ammo are both opaque, so one swipe is a lot of pigment. 
But of course, the liquid lipstick is (obviously) liquid when being applied and then matte when dried, whereas the lip ammo is a satin finish. 

The lip ammo is in this cute pink bullet packaging, which is a similar shape to MAC lipsticks. 

Overall, I'm super happy that my lipstick came in and I can't wait to wear it!

With love, Kathleen


Turkey Day


Happy Thanksgiving! (If you're Canadian, and early greetings if you're American)

Today is a day of giving thanks, and I would like to say thank you to everyone who has kept up with my blog even though my view rate is probably not that big. I want to say thank you for taking the time to read, or even look at my blog. To extend my thanks, I have tons of surprises in store. So, stay tuned.

x x x 

Here's a quick post of what I'm wearing for Thanksgiving.
Super casual and not as cozy. 

Hat: Aldo
Top: Old Navy
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Jeans: Aritzia - The Castings
Chelsea Boots: PacSun

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving! 
With love, Kathleen

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