Huge Christmas/Birthday Present from My Boyfriend


Disclaimer: This is post is not intended for bragging, nor am I attempting to brag. Bragging is never the reason why I make hauls and posts like these. I am in no way trying to "show-off", but rather share some of the lovely things I received over the holiday. If you are not interested in what I got for Christmas/Birthday, please feel free to opt out. If you love looking at what kinds of gifts people receive or things people haul because it's fun to read, look at, or gives you inspiration, then please continue reading. x

Over the winter break, I travelled to the Philippines to spend Christmas and New Years with my family. Little did I know, my boyfriend back home was planning a huge surprise for me. When I got back from the Philippines, I received a big welcome home from my boyfriend. The surprise I got was a huge collection of gifts. I love each and every one of them. 

Pau, if you're reading this, I appreciate your effort and thoughtfulness put into getting me these gifts. There has never been a day where I have not appreciated you. Love you!

My boyfriend got me tons of things that I have had on my wishlist for months. Most of which I planned to get myself when I have saved enough to treat myself. 

 He got me 95% of my Disney Tsum Tsum collection. For my gift, he got me the Inside Out collection, Elsa and Anna summer version, Lilo, Angel, Tinkerbell, Peter pan, Spiderman, Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, Little Mermaid collection, Honeybee from Big Hero 6, Rafiki from the Lion King, and Zazu from the Lion King. 
 I have been really wanting a pair of laced up strappy heels. I found these on Public Desire and my boyfriend ordered them for me. Rumour has it, they aren't restocking on this style, but there are similar heels like these on the site!

 If you read my blog, you would know that I love Kat Von D's Liquid lipstick in Lolita. I cannot explain how beautiful of a colour it is. The struggle is real getting my hands on Kat Von D's other shades because they are just too popular. My boyfriend was lucky enough to snag Bow n Arrow, Lolita, and Vampira. 

 My social media was raving about how much the Tartelette palette by Tarte is amazing. When I found out that Tartelette in Bloom came out, I was drooling. I love this eye palette so much and advise you to swatch it in store and get your hands on it! 

 By now you should already tell that I love shoes. When the Nike Huaraches first came out, I wanted to get myself a pair of the black ones or white ones. I never saved enough to get myself to go to the store to get myself a pair. Pau went during boxing day (the struggle) to get them for me. 

Lastly, one of the main things that my boyfriend got for me was this Fjallrave Kanken bag. He got me the 17" so that I could fit my future laptop inside. 

In this post, I just showed some of the main things I received from my boyfriend. He got me some boxes of my favourite hazelnut chocolates and clothes from Brandy Melville and UO. 

Nonetheless, despite being showered with this gifts, I am forever grateful for my boyfriend and all of the acts of kindness he has done to me. Forever thankful to have someone to lean on and talk to. 

I hope that you enjoyed reading/looking at this post as much as I had fun making it! 
Have a lovely day. 

With Love, Kathleen

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