How I Edit My Instagram Pictures


Hello lovelies! 

I get a lot of questions about how I edit my pictures on Instagram. All the questions inspired me to make a post about it. I'm really into the homogeneous filtered feed, and therefore I'll show you the only combination of edits I do for my pictures. 

First of all, I start with an app called Afterlight. I'm not too sure if this app is available on Android phones, but it's available for iOS devices. The downside to this app is that you have to pay for it and all the different filters and frames. 
The start up screen of the application is really handy. I love how it allows you to preview some of the pictures (and by pictures, I really mean your selfies.)  

Once you've chosen your desired photo to edit, there are many tiny icons regarding different filters, contrasts, frames, cropping, rotating, you name it. 

 This is the combination I use for my Instagram pictures. I increase the brightness about 51% then add a filter called Russ by 50%. This fusion gives me the perfect "no filter filter look".  

When you're done editing your picture, this is what the exit/save screen looks like. It's super convenient that there are is a share option with different kinds of social media.
Voila! I hope that your pictures will turn out awesome and totally beyond Instagram worthy!

With Love, Kathleen

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