Late November Early December Haul


 After the long hours working and wrapping up my first semester in college, I'm finally back on the blogosphere. If you have been a long time reader of my blog (or just know me really well,) you would know that I shop for every occasion. When I'm stressed, I go shopping. When I'm happy, I go shopping. When I'm bored, yes that's right, I go shopping. It's a bad habit, but it's therapeutic to me. 

When it was time for the infamous Black Friday, you can definitely bet that I took advantage of the sales. Despite the fact that most of my shopping occurred around the Black Friday weekend; I also went shopping early this month. 

This should be no surprise, but I picked up many items from Brandy Melville, Old Navy, and Forever 21. 

I was working on Black Friday, but I was lucky enough to have a long shift. Brandy Melville is right across from where I work, so I stopped by. The sale on Black Friday for Brandy Melville wasn't so amazing. It was 20% off the entire store and certain items were 10%. 

 I got this really basic white shirt with a slit on the back. It would be really cute to have a bralette underneath.

Old Navy's sale was amazing. 50% off the entire store excluding clearance. I did major damage to my wallet and picked up a bunch of gems.

Starting off with these shoes. I was looking for lace up shoes for a long time. When I saw the taupey-nude ones, I just had to get them. No excuses. I love them so much, that I decided to get another pair in a different colour. 

Lastly, I stopped by Forever 21. I didn't go during the Black Friday sales though. I needed to get some of their inexpensive jeans, and these items just so happen to tag along when I was checking out. 
That's all for my haul! I definitely bought more, but I wanted to keep this post to a minimal ;-) 

 I hope that you have a lovely weekend!
With Love, Kathleen

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