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Today I'm going to talk about my current brow routine. 
I own a lot of brow products and I switch from time to time. When I'm feeling bold I gravitate towards the Anastasia dip brow pomade. Sometimes I use pencil or eye shadow when I want to go for a light and completely "natural" look. Then there are times where I want to go light, so I use the eyebrow duo from ELF. 

These are my brows at its normal state; without filling them in. Now I understand that the hairs on my brows are thick and there's no need for me to fill them in. I actually have some "bald spots" near the ends of my brows and I fill it in that area especially to give a fuller look. 

Some days I tend to over pluck. But no fear, the magic of makeup can fix that problem. 

All in all, I fill my brows to complete them and make them, like I said, fuller. 
Click to read more and learn how I fill in my brows on a daily basis.

Before I fill the brows in, I groom them with the trusty tweezers and brow razor. I make sure that my brow bone area is clean and that there are no stray hairs. I also tweeze the hairs that are growing on the top of my brow nearest to my forehead.

Lately, I have been using ELF's very affordable brow duo. It contains powder and gel. I use the gel and not the powder. The gel sort of resembles as Anastasia's pomade but more light and subtle. 

I use an angled brow brush from ELF, pack it on with some of the gel and fill away.

The shade of this duo is in Medium. 
TIP: It's important that you don't choose the shade that is exactly your brow hair colour. Go a few shades lighter for a more natural look. Or you can go bold; it's really up to you.

After filling the brows in, I give the brows more oomf with this concealer palette from Canmake. 

I've noticed that my brows are more stronger and defined after lining underneath my brows with the concealer. 

In conclusion, brows frame the face and are very important. Always keep them on point.

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