July & August Favourites


Summer is coming to an end and I've been trying a lot of new things. These are the main things that I have been enjoying within these two months. 

Let's talk about music. Music is and will always be part of my daily routine. I listen to music when I shower, right before I sleep, when I'm walking around the city, etcetera. 
The songs that I've been listening to on repeat:

  •  in July are My Way (Remix) by Fetty Wap featuring Drake, Research by Big Sean featuring Ariana Grande, and Omen by Disclosure featuring Sam Smith
  • in August are Hotline Bling by Drake and It G Ma by Keith Ape.

My favourite things to gobble up are french fries and bubble tea. 
My boyfriend and I always go get bubble tea and/or french fries. We go almost every week, and it's a real bad addiction.

Anime Revolution

AniRevo 2015


This is actually my very first time attending a convention of some sort. I has the opportunity to go the Anime Revolution with my boyfriend. We only went for one day, but we could've and should've went for all three days. 

I really wanted to cosplay as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service, but I really had no time to come up with a last minute costume. 
Here's a quick view of what I wore:

Headband: American Eagle
Long sleeve Button Down: H&M
Dress: American Apparel
Socks: Wego Japan
Shoes: Old Navy

At Anime Revolution, my boyfriend and I spent most of the time at the exhibitor hall. We never went to watch concerts, play games, or even see celebrities and get their autographs. 

Since I spent most of my time and money at vendors, here is my AniRevo haul!
(Click read more to see what I got!)


Angstchild Phone Case Review


Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Angstchild, nor am I affiliated with their company. I just really like what the brand has to offer, so I'm just sharing my thoughts. I hope that this will help you discover a new brand and will be a future reference when you purchase from Angstchild

I received a package about 2 weeks ago. It was the longest and most anticipated wait, so when I got a notice that my package arrived, I had to pick it up from the post office right away. I ordered this phone case from Angstchild about in early July, and it took almost the whole month for it to arrive. 


Updated Brow Routine


Today I'm going to talk about my current brow routine. 
I own a lot of brow products and I switch from time to time. When I'm feeling bold I gravitate towards the Anastasia dip brow pomade. Sometimes I use pencil or eye shadow when I want to go for a light and completely "natural" look. Then there are times where I want to go light, so I use the eyebrow duo from ELF. 

These are my brows at its normal state; without filling them in. Now I understand that the hairs on my brows are thick and there's no need for me to fill them in. I actually have some "bald spots" near the ends of my brows and I fill it in that area especially to give a fuller look. 

Some days I tend to over pluck. But no fear, the magic of makeup can fix that problem. 

All in all, I fill my brows to complete them and make them, like I said, fuller. 
Click to read more and learn how I fill in my brows on a daily basis.

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