Let the Good Times Roll LUSH Review


 I haven't been inside of the LUSH store in so long. I recently got paid, so I made that as an excuse to blow up my bank account. Ever since April (Jasmine Blu) posted about this face and body cleanser way back when, I really wanted to try it out myself.

The last time I went inside of LUSH was just to browse and I totally remember taking a whiff of this product. It smells super sweet.

 This product contains popcorn and the kernel flakes act as a really good exfoliator agent. There's also some cinnamon powder which warms the skin and gives that sweet scent. Cinnamon has many benefits for the skin. Cinnamon is good for soothing and treating acne, it helps soften dry and dead skin, and it brightens the complexion.

The texture of the cleanser is tacky and firm, almost like play-doh. When a piece of it is ran under luke warm water, it is super mushy.

I love using this cleanser when I'm in the shower. When I apply it to my face, it's super smooth, and it's even smoother when I rinse clean. The product also contains corn oil which hydrates the skin leaving a smooth and moisturized finish. I noticed that my skin was extremely softer after my wash. I didn't need to put any moisturizer on my face because of the essential oils.

I give this product a solid 9/10. I totally recommend this product to anyone!

With Love, Kathleen

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