A Little Warmth (Featuring It's Judy Time Palette)


 I haven't been wearing as much makeup as I used to. The weather where I live is so humid that I sweat my whole face off and there would really be no point in the effort of slapping on some makeup. 

Here's a really quick eye look (with really crappy pictures because I used my iPhone.)
I used the It's Judy Time palette from BH Cosmetics. Unfortunately this palette is sold out and it won't ever be restocked :( But I'm pretty sure that you can find one of eBay or Amazon.

 I started off with a clean base. I prepped my eye lids with a cream concealer from CanMake (It's one of my favourites! Click here to see the post.) 

The colour on the top left in the palette is perfect for highlighting, so I added it to my brow bone.
I then took the fourth colour of the palette and with an angled eyeshadow brush, I applied it to my crease. 
 For the outer thirds of my eyes, I applied the second colour of the bottom row and the second to last on the top row of the palette. 
To top everything off, I added the first colour of the second row to my lids.

And of course, blend blend blend.
That's all for now!
With Love, Kathleen

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