Breakfast At Morika's


Just last night, I was invited to go over to one of my friend's house for her birthday party. 
The party was themed and all the guests had to wear blue or white. 
I thought that the whole event was Pinterest worthy and completely Instagrammable (even bloggable) so I had to share how cute the set up was.

The food was so cute, all finger food; sandwiches, cupcakes, macarons...

 As my birthday gift to my friend, I got her a camera charm from Pandora. It was so much fun choosing what charm to get because the employee asked me to describe my friend and what she's into. A camera was one of the options so I had to get it.

We even had smores and a chocolate cake with cotton candy icing! 

Thank you Morika for the invitation! Happy birthday lovely.

With love, Kathleen

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