June Favourites


My list of favourites this month is really small. I haven't been consistently using new things for this month. Here are some things, items, memories, whatever whatchamacallit I've enjoyed this month.


Big Beauty Haul


Do I need all this makeup? No, not really. In my defense, collecting makeup is like having a stamp collection, or a rock collection. I've collectively purchased these during the month of June. (Or I may have gone overboard in a day or two...but still bought this month ;P)

 I went to MAC Cosmetics just because I heard that there were different scents in the FIX+ collection. Unfortunately, I didn't see any in stores, so I just got the regular FIX+. I love spritzing this on my eyeshadow brush that's loaded with product. For some reason the eye shadow is pigmented and it lasts longer! 

I have a habit of stopping by the drugstore just to see if any new Real Techniques brushes are out. I rave about these brushes and recommend it to anyone who owns makeup. 
My brush collection expanded, so I'll update you on my Real Techniques collection in a post!


Breakfast At Morika's


Just last night, I was invited to go over to one of my friend's house for her birthday party. 
The party was themed and all the guests had to wear blue or white. 
I thought that the whole event was Pinterest worthy and completely Instagrammable (even bloggable) so I had to share how cute the set up was.

Brandy Melville

Huge Brandy Melville Haul & More


I'm currently in the final exam season and all I've been doing to destress is shopping. It's a really bad habit/addiction, but I get a real good kick out of shopping. Other than stressing about finals, I shopped a lot as a graduation present for myself.


Mini Etude House Giveaway (Vancouverites Only!)


School is coming to an end, so what's a better way to kick off the summer? That's right, a mini giveaway. I bought these Etude House beauty products during my visit to Japan, and I thought that it would be a great idea to give it away to a lucky person. 

-Giveaway ends on June 20, 2015
-This giveaway is for those who live in Vancouver, Canada only (don't worry, a big giveaway in the future will be world wide)
-Winner will be chosen at random
-Must follow the Rafflecopter to gain entries
-Prize will not be shipped, winner must be able to meet up face to face

Post this picture once a day to gain extra entries!

May the be ever in your favor!
With Love, Kathleen

American Apparel

Plain Warm Neutrals


Hi lovelies, I had a non-uniform day a while ago and I quickly pieced together a plain jane outfit. 
Nothing extravagant, nothing bright and colourful...Very minimalistic. 

American Apparel

May's Love List


 Hello lovelies, I've purchased a lot throughout this whole month and a couple of them made the cut. To be honest, I don't keep close tabs on what to add to my favourites list. I have a daily routine and I just pick out whatever is new to it. 

Here are my fashion favourites of the month

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