April Favourites


Hi all! I haven't done a monthly favourites post since February, so I thought that I should share what I've been loving for last month. I apologize for the delay (and lack) of posts. 

First of all, I can't believe that it's almost halfway through the year! I'm literally on the edge of my seat eager for Summer to come by. Lately I've been so swamped by school and work to the point where I haven't sat down to thoroughly think and write out a blog post (I guess that has always been my excuse, but seriously, it's true.) 

Okay enough of how I've been doing and why I haven't been posting. Here are the core things that I've been loving for the month of April.

I bought this necklace from Forever 21 awhile back and I've been wearing it with almost every outfit because of how simplistic it looks. I went to the store just the other day and I saw a silver version of the necklace, so if it's still there I might purchase it. 

I bought the Adidas Superstars 2 sneakers just last month and I've been wearing them constantly because of how casual and versatile they are. (You'll know how much I cherish them from the amount of times I've post pictures of my babies on Instagram.)  

Makeup wise, I haven't been purchasing any new makeup recently. I own a lot of makeup, so I tend to use certain products for one month and then change again for the next month. I started using my NARS Radiant Creamy concealer again and it's the only concealer that I've been using for the past month. I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned this concealer once or twice in a favourites post (because that's how much I really like it.) It's a little pricey for a concealer, but I think that it's worth the investment! My shade is Medium 2, in Custard.

My favourite miscellaneous thing is this Sailor Moon portable charger! Sadly, one thing I dislike about it is how it runs on 4 AA batteries and it's not rechargeable. I bought it in Japan, but I'm pretty sure that you could find it somewhere online :3

Lastly, my favourite food of the month is a dessert. I've been going out with my boyfriend a lot and our favourite go-to place is called Mango Yummy and Icy Bar. We get this dessert which consists of shaved ice, mangoes, mochi, vanilla ice cream, condensed milk, and some sort of mango sauce. It's just super delicious!

That's all for now, have a lovely day!
With love, Kathleen

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