My MAC Lipstick Collection


 Quick disclaimer: I've purchased these lipsticks collectively throughout the year. I didn't get all of these on the spot. I've finished a few lipsticks as well as lose some. Have you ever encountered that? You just put your lipstick in your purse, then *poof* all gone! I'm embarrassed to say that I've lost a few.

 I own 12 MAC lipsticks. It's a little excessive for a makeup beginner, but you can't argue when I say that it's good to have variety and many choices.

adidas Originals

How I Style Sneakers


How I style sneakers

The whole "athletic" trend has been going on for quite awhile, so here's a quick post on how I would style different sneakers. Click the picture for more details on the items! 

With Love, Kathleen


Laid-Back Boyfriend Jeans


If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen this little outfit I quickly put together. 
The weather is really strange where I live in - it hailed just a few days ago and now the summer sun is peaking through. 


April Favourites


Hi all! I haven't done a monthly favourites post since February, so I thought that I should share what I've been loving for last month. I apologize for the delay (and lack) of posts. 

First of all, I can't believe that it's almost halfway through the year! I'm literally on the edge of my seat eager for Summer to come by. Lately I've been so swamped by school and work to the point where I haven't sat down to thoroughly think and write out a blog post (I guess that has always been my excuse, but seriously, it's true.) 

Okay enough of how I've been doing and why I haven't been posting. Here are the core things that I've been loving for the month of April.

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