February Favourites


February flew by really fast. Here are a few of things that I have been enjoying last month. Most of these things were purchased during my stay in Japan. If you would like me to do a little summary of my Japan trip in another post, let me know! 

 I brought this lipstick to Japan and I've been wearing it non-stop. It's a beautiful neutral and perfect for every day wear. This lipstick is from MAC and it's called Velvet Teddy. 

 When I was in Kyoto, I broke the bank at Etude House. This really cute Panda hand cream is one of the things I bought. It has a subtle peach scent, and it is very fruity. This hand cream moisturizes my hands and locks it in, making my hands soft all day. 

 My favourite snacks for February are Ramune candy, Matcha KitKats, and Konpeito. These are way too addicting, I'm not going to lie. 

 I've been using this cushion foundation this whole month. It gives me the most flawless finish and light to medium coverage. Korean foundation is completely different from the other foundations you can find in the drugstore or makeup store. 
I'm planning on doing a review on this foundation, so stay tuned. 

 This is a cleanser from LUSH called Dark Angels. It's a charcoal and sugar cleanser. It exfoliates well and makes my skin feeling baby smooth. 

I bought this nail buffer at Daiso in Japan and it is amazing! It evens out my nails, gets rid of the imperfections, and shines my nails. It was only 100 yen, so that was a plus!

I've been reading and watching a manga called Nisekoi. It was introduced to me by a friend in Japan (as well as my cousin). I love the story line and each chapter is intriguing. 

That's all for the things that I've been loving for the past month. 

With love, Kathleen

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