First Haul of the Year


First of all, I just want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope that you all will have a wonderful 2015 ahead of you.

Here are a bunch of stuff that I purchased in the New Year (even a few days before 2015.)

 I went to Forever 21. I got these cute nude flats with ankle straps and a pointed toe.
I also got burgundy trouser pants (that I need to alter because it's a little too long #shortpeopleprobs)

 I also got these necklaces. One is a chunky chain (it was only $3.99!! What a steal!) And the other is a choker necklace.

 I went to H&M to get a dress for my 18th birthday and I got this skirt as well. The dress I got isn't in the picture because it's a surprise. 

 I got a few MAC products. I got a lipstick in the colour Hue and it has a lustre finish. I also got a concealer because I just need to have more concealers for my eyebags. 

 I went to Old Navy and I saw these joggers. (I'm wearing them right now and they are super comfy!) I also got some athletic pants that say "Run Rest Repeat". They are sooooo comfortable and it makes the booty look great. I've been in need for plain black flats and I saw these loafers I just had to get it!

 Brandy Melville is one of my favourite stores, so I just popped by the other day. I was looking for plain earrings and I picked these ones out. I was about to get them in silver, but I'm going to save it for another time. I grabbed this necklace because I thought that it was cute and funny. 

Lastly, I needed mini travel-sized lotions from Bath and Body works. I got Sweet Pea (my favourite scent), Mad about you, and Pink Chiffon. 

With Love, Kathleen

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