January Favourites


This month is passing by quickly. Here are a bunch of things that I have been enjoying this month.

 I was gifted this body cream from Bath and Body Works and it smells so fruity! I love love love fruity scents over floral-y ones. 
Speaking of Bath and Body works, I got this hand sanitizer and the smell is so pleasant. 
My friend bought Dark Angels from LUSH and it is now my holy grail. If you want me to do a review and talk about the product in more detail, I would be more than happy to. 
I recently wet out to Sephora and bought the NARS creamy concealer and the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. I rave about this mascara because it gives me the most natural yet volumized lashes.
For my 18th birthday party, I got my makeup done at MAC and I bought a few of the products they used on me, but the one that I've been using is the Skin finish powder. 
I've also been loving a matte lipstick from MAC called Velvet Teddy. I recommend it if you want a good everyday lip since it's neutral. 

My favourite movies of the month are
 Penguins of Madagascar 
and The Book of Life. 

Lastly, my favourite food/drink would have to be Starbucks. I have a bunch of Starbucks gifts cards loaded on my account, so I'm hoping to reach Gold card soon! I love the paninis and a new hot drink fave is a Vanilla bean latte. It tastes exactly like a Vanilla bean frappucchino, but warm and with espresso.

With Love, Kathleen


First Lime Crime Purchase!


This is actually my third time purchasing something online. Two weeks wasn't a super long wait, but I had anticipated that it would come on time before I leave for Japan. 

 My order is from Lime Crime! I'm so excited to share with you all what I bought. The inside of the box is super adorable.

 I got a Velvetine in Wicked. The Velvetines are a matte lipstick. I've been wanting to get my hands on Wicked for a while now, so I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase.

 I really want to get another velvetine in Cashmere and Riot. I also want a Unicorn lipstick! Let me know if you want a review or a tutorial with this burgundy lip.

With love, Kathleen
ps. I'm leaving for Japan tomorrow, but don't fret! I've queue'd a few posts for the time that I'm away. 


Shift Over


 Hey loves! I was really diggin' my outfit despite how plain and simple it is. 

 My grey shift dress is from Old Navy. I bought it a few days ago and it is one of the best purchases I've ever made because it is so soft and it's a great basic. 

Jacket: Forever 21
Watch: Casio from American Apparel
Rings: H&M
Earrings: Forever 21 & Brandy Melville
Faux Septum: Aldo Accessories  
Lipstick (doesn't look like I'm wearing any right?): NARS Audacious lipstick in Anita

My all time favourite booties are from Target!

I hope that you all have a lovely week.

With love, Kathleen


My Lovely 18th Birthday (picture heavy)


January is my birthday month, and I turned 18! Here are some pictures of my 18th birthday party. I had a debut, which is similar to a QuinceaƱera, and it's a celebration of becoming a young woman.

With love, Kathleen


What I Got for My Birthday


If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that it was my birthday last weekend.
I turned the big 18, and I had a huge party called a debut to celebrate me becoming a woman. 

I'm going to show you a few of the presents I got. I don't intend to brag in any way. I just find it super exciting and fun to read when someone posts hauls and such. 

 The gifts I received are awesome! If you gave me a gift and you're reading this blog post, thank you so much!

 I got an air plant from my friend, Morika. I've been wanting a terrarium for the longest time, so Morika if you're reading it, thank you! You know me too well.

I got an eyeshadow brush kit from Real Techniques, MAC 36 lashes, MAC Mineralize skinfinish, a bunch of Dior products, two MAC lipsticks, MAC lipliner, and a Nudes makeup palette.

 Shoutout to one of my readers and friend, Taryn for getting me this "eye-catching" gift.

This gift is from my friend Lauren. I thought that it was super cute and thoughtful. It's a Starbucks tumbler with Ferrero Rocher inside, two Bath and Body Works candles, and a NARS Audacious lipstick. Thank you Lauren!

 Here are more beauty related things. I got Dark Angels and a Twilight bath bomb from my friend Donald, (thank you Donald!) I got a bunch of lotions, sanitizers, body spray, and a Pink bath bomb.

 I got this Pop! Funko figurine. I love it so much because it's really thoughtful that my cousin got this for me since he knows that Ariel is my favourite princess. (Thanks Brandon!)

 I got a shellac manicure done for the very first time. I got pampered with my cousin Tiffany the day of my birthday party. Huge thank you to Tiffany for treating me out to get a mani-pedi.   

I got myself a Pandora charm bracelet. I've worked so hard, so hard to the point where I would work late on a school night (bad idea, you never do that to yourself.) I got the black leather bracelet instead of the typical silver one. I also got a charm that has 18 engraved. 

I also would like to thank my other friends (*ahem* Caitlin, Vanessa, Alfanet, and Diana) for giving me generous gifts. 

Ta ta for now~
With love, Kathleen


First Haul of the Year


First of all, I just want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope that you all will have a wonderful 2015 ahead of you.

Here are a bunch of stuff that I purchased in the New Year (even a few days before 2015.)

 I went to Forever 21. I got these cute nude flats with ankle straps and a pointed toe.
I also got burgundy trouser pants (that I need to alter because it's a little too long #shortpeopleprobs)

 I also got these necklaces. One is a chunky chain (it was only $3.99!! What a steal!) And the other is a choker necklace.

 I went to H&M to get a dress for my 18th birthday and I got this skirt as well. The dress I got isn't in the picture because it's a surprise. 

 I got a few MAC products. I got a lipstick in the colour Hue and it has a lustre finish. I also got a concealer because I just need to have more concealers for my eyebags. 

 I went to Old Navy and I saw these joggers. (I'm wearing them right now and they are super comfy!) I also got some athletic pants that say "Run Rest Repeat". They are sooooo comfortable and it makes the booty look great. I've been in need for plain black flats and I saw these loafers I just had to get it!

 Brandy Melville is one of my favourite stores, so I just popped by the other day. I was looking for plain earrings and I picked these ones out. I was about to get them in silver, but I'm going to save it for another time. I grabbed this necklace because I thought that it was cute and funny. 

Lastly, I needed mini travel-sized lotions from Bath and Body works. I got Sweet Pea (my favourite scent), Mad about you, and Pink Chiffon. 

With Love, Kathleen

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