Early December Makeup Haul


I pretty much spent half of my paycheck on myself. Early Christmas to myself I guess. 
After I blew the bank, I don't think that I will buy anymore makeup for awhile.

I went to MAC to kill some time, and I asked one of the workers to help me find a neutral lip, give me tips on how to contour, and find the perfect concealer. 

The employee that helped me was really helpful and kind towards me. 

He recommended 3 lipsticks, and he said that the matte lipstick called Velvet Teddy looked really nice on my complexion. 

I needed help with concealer, so the artist tested this concealer under my eyes. I did not purchase it, but he was lovely enough to give me sample.

The makeup artist quickly did my whole face - eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, everything! He buffed my face with MAC's studio fix and I decided to purchase it since I don't own any powder.

My friend came over to my house and she was wearing this lipstick called Touch of Spice from Maybelline. 

The lipstick name sounded so familiar, and we both realized that a YouTuber (Nicole Guerriero) mentioned it in one of her videos. 

I was lucky enough to find a full display of the matte lipstick collection at my local drugstore, so I picked it up.

I actually didn't own foundation until recently. I remembered that Sephora does a Colour IQ test where an employee takes pictures of your skin to help find the perfect foundation.

 The worker tried out three different foundations, but one was too light, the other appeared ashy on my skin, but Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation was the best fit for my colour and skin.

I also got Kat Von D's Tattoo liner, because I ran out of liquid liner. 

There was a sale for Real Technique brushes at a different drugstore, so I saw it as an opportunity to get a powder brush for my Studio Fix and a stippling brush for my foundation!

I still want to collect more makeup, but as for now, I really need to save money for Christmas presents!

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