Review: Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes


Recently, my mom gave me this case with Younique's Moodstruck fiber lashes and she told me to try it out. 

I researched a little bit about this brand and it is sold through direct selling. So a representative that is associated with the company would reach out to customers and sell products from Younique. My mom purchased this mascara from her coworker for $35 CAD ($29 USD). A lot of my mom's friends rave about this mascara, and there are good reviews online. 

It contains two tubes, a small one containing natural fibers, and a longer one with the transplanting gel.  

One thing that I didn't do in the instructions is apply a thin coat of my favourite mascara on both of my lashes. 

Here are my curled lashes without mascara.

I applied a coat of the transplanting gel.

Then I quickly added the fibers on my lashes before the gel mascara dried up. 
One thing that I missed out was applying another coat of the gel mascara to seal the fibers in. 

There are some tips I recommend when applying this mascara:

 ♥  Do one eye at a time. The mascara dries out pretty fast, so it's best to work fast on one eye.
 ♥  To avoid clumps, use a lash comb to separate the lashes.
 ♥  Many coats can be applied, but I recommend alternating from gel to fiber and then gel again. 
 ♥  Make sure that you don't apply too much fiber or else it will fall on your cheek. 
 ♥  On the packaging, it says that it is water resistant, but it can be easily removed with warm water and makeup remover. 

Review Time!

I'm in love with the hard case and the packaging of the tubes. Totally worth the $35.

 The wand of the gel mascara is like a hourglass shape and the wand of the fibers remind me of a duster. Overall, the application was easy with the wands and it is like a typical mascara. 

I wore it for 5 hours and it ended up smudging a little bit because I was dancing and sweating.

Final Verdict: The mascara is lovely and I can see myself wearing it on special occasions, even daily. 

With love, Kathleen 

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