Mini Bath and Body Works Haul


I went to Bath and Body works after work because I received an email regarding the $3 body lotion sale. I just had to get some Christmas scents because the lotions are normally $13.50 CAD. So lotions for $3 is a major steal! 

I love BBW scents because they smell fruity and florally. 

I purchased 4 lotions and 3 hand sanitizers. I'm glad that I stocked up on lotion because my skin gets very dry in cold weather. 

 The hand sanitizers that I got are Sugar plum dream, Twisted peppermint, and Winter candy apple. I really love the twisted peppermint scent because I just really love mint. 
The deal for pocketbacs are 3 for $5 which is awesome because they are usually $1.75 a piece. I believe the deal going on now is 5 for $5. 

For lotion, I got Twisted peppermint, Frosted wonderland, Winter candy apple, and Vanilla bean noel.
 The packaging is adorable and I love how the lotion itself is tinted too. 

These lotions were $3! I'm so upset that I didn't buy more because $3 lotion is a really good deal. The maximum lotions you could get was 15, so I wish that I bought more so that I could gift them. 

I used my DSLR to take these pictures and I'm on the fence about it, so let me know if you think that the photos turned out great.
(I've been using my iPhone 5 to take pictures for the past year!)

Thanks for reading about my little haul!
With love, Kathleen

PS. Never ever wear heels for a 6 hour shift unless you want to torture your feet!

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