First Ever Purchase from UO!


Have you ever adored a store because you've walked in it so many times and just love every single item?

That's my case for Urban Outfitters. I love UO, I love the clothing, shoes, accessories, tech stuff, and home decor. I've walked into the store and I've actually never purchased anything from there until recently. I always walked out of the store empty handed, so it was really exciting for me to buy something. 

I remember watching a room tour on YouTube and there was this tea cup from UO that had cheeky printing on the inside of the rim. I ran across this one online many months ago, and I never saw it in store, so I got really excited to find it on my trip to Urban Outfitters. 

It's slightly vulgar, yet sophisticated with the floral pattern. 

The second thing I bought from Urban Outfitters is an Instax Mini photo album. You have no idea how long I have been looking for a photo album that can hold my Instax mini pictures. I saw this online, and just like the case with the tea cup, I never saw it in the store. I was really excited to see it in store! 

It's just a plain black photo album, but there are two other colours like turquoise and pink. I opted for black because it's just really classy.
I only bought 2 items from UO, so this is a short haul for sure. 

Brandy Melville is literally 2 stores away from Urban Outfitters, so I popped by and perused through the tiny store. 
I got two necklaces - a gold one with a hamsa hand that has a cute blue dot in the middle, and a plain silver necklace for layering. 

I really want to do a giveaway since my blog is finally 1 years old! Regards to my new URL name, I really wanted a URL that included my name. However, I will always still be pastel-mermaid.

Have a lovely day!
With love, Kathleen 

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