Review: Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes


Recently, my mom gave me this case with Younique's Moodstruck fiber lashes and she told me to try it out. 

I researched a little bit about this brand and it is sold through direct selling. So a representative that is associated with the company would reach out to customers and sell products from Younique. My mom purchased this mascara from her coworker for $35 CAD ($29 USD). A lot of my mom's friends rave about this mascara, and there are good reviews online. 

It contains two tubes, a small one containing natural fibers, and a longer one with the transplanting gel.  

One thing that I didn't do in the instructions is apply a thin coat of my favourite mascara on both of my lashes. 

Here are my curled lashes without mascara.

I applied a coat of the transplanting gel.

Then I quickly added the fibers on my lashes before the gel mascara dried up. 
One thing that I missed out was applying another coat of the gel mascara to seal the fibers in. 

There are some tips I recommend when applying this mascara:

 ♥  Do one eye at a time. The mascara dries out pretty fast, so it's best to work fast on one eye.
 ♥  To avoid clumps, use a lash comb to separate the lashes.
 ♥  Many coats can be applied, but I recommend alternating from gel to fiber and then gel again. 
 ♥  Make sure that you don't apply too much fiber or else it will fall on your cheek. 
 ♥  On the packaging, it says that it is water resistant, but it can be easily removed with warm water and makeup remover. 

Review Time!

I'm in love with the hard case and the packaging of the tubes. Totally worth the $35.

 The wand of the gel mascara is like a hourglass shape and the wand of the fibers remind me of a duster. Overall, the application was easy with the wands and it is like a typical mascara. 

I wore it for 5 hours and it ended up smudging a little bit because I was dancing and sweating.

Final Verdict: The mascara is lovely and I can see myself wearing it on special occasions, even daily. 

With love, Kathleen 


Mini Bath and Body Works Haul


I went to Bath and Body works after work because I received an email regarding the $3 body lotion sale. I just had to get some Christmas scents because the lotions are normally $13.50 CAD. So lotions for $3 is a major steal! 

I love BBW scents because they smell fruity and florally. 

I purchased 4 lotions and 3 hand sanitizers. I'm glad that I stocked up on lotion because my skin gets very dry in cold weather. 

 The hand sanitizers that I got are Sugar plum dream, Twisted peppermint, and Winter candy apple. I really love the twisted peppermint scent because I just really love mint. 
The deal for pocketbacs are 3 for $5 which is awesome because they are usually $1.75 a piece. I believe the deal going on now is 5 for $5. 

For lotion, I got Twisted peppermint, Frosted wonderland, Winter candy apple, and Vanilla bean noel.
 The packaging is adorable and I love how the lotion itself is tinted too. 

These lotions were $3! I'm so upset that I didn't buy more because $3 lotion is a really good deal. The maximum lotions you could get was 15, so I wish that I bought more so that I could gift them. 

I used my DSLR to take these pictures and I'm on the fence about it, so let me know if you think that the photos turned out great.
(I've been using my iPhone 5 to take pictures for the past year!)

Thanks for reading about my little haul!
With love, Kathleen

PS. Never ever wear heels for a 6 hour shift unless you want to torture your feet!


First Ever Purchase from UO!


Have you ever adored a store because you've walked in it so many times and just love every single item?

That's my case for Urban Outfitters. I love UO, I love the clothing, shoes, accessories, tech stuff, and home decor. I've walked into the store and I've actually never purchased anything from there until recently. I always walked out of the store empty handed, so it was really exciting for me to buy something. 

I remember watching a room tour on YouTube and there was this tea cup from UO that had cheeky printing on the inside of the rim. I ran across this one online many months ago, and I never saw it in store, so I got really excited to find it on my trip to Urban Outfitters. 

It's slightly vulgar, yet sophisticated with the floral pattern. 

The second thing I bought from Urban Outfitters is an Instax Mini photo album. You have no idea how long I have been looking for a photo album that can hold my Instax mini pictures. I saw this online, and just like the case with the tea cup, I never saw it in the store. I was really excited to see it in store! 

It's just a plain black photo album, but there are two other colours like turquoise and pink. I opted for black because it's just really classy.
I only bought 2 items from UO, so this is a short haul for sure. 

Brandy Melville is literally 2 stores away from Urban Outfitters, so I popped by and perused through the tiny store. 
I got two necklaces - a gold one with a hamsa hand that has a cute blue dot in the middle, and a plain silver necklace for layering. 

I really want to do a giveaway since my blog is finally 1 years old! Regards to my new URL name, I really wanted a URL that included my name. However, I will always still be pastel-mermaid.

Have a lovely day!
With love, Kathleen 


Depotting MAC Single Eyeshadows


I decided to depot my MAC single eyeshadows and add them to my large palette. 

The process is really easy, you can YouTube tutorials on it! 
This is my first time depotting an eyeshadow, so I decided to make a post about my experience.

It's really easy to take the part where the pan is from the packaging. I took it off with a sharp knife and then it popped out easily. 

To remove the eyeshadow pan from the black plastic part, apply some heat. This melts the glue that binds the pan from the plastic. Using a hair dryer, a flame, the stove top or even a hair straightener works great. I suggest leaving it on medium heat for 3-5 minutes.

I also put the packaging on the stove top to melt the adhesive label sticker. 

The pans and stickers were really easy to remove. 
Caution: The pan is extremely hot, so take the eyeshadow off the plastic carefully.

I used a scrap magnetic sheet to put on the eyeshadows so that it would stick to my palette. 

Then TA-DA! Depotted MAC eyeshadow success.

I hope that this post was helpful to all of you who want to depot eyeshadows or blushes.

With love, Kathleen

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