Retail Therapy + Mini Haul


I just went shopping and it felt really great. I love spending time at the mall because it calms me down when I walk from store to store. 

I've been feeling under the weather being in school, starting my job, and being sick with a cold. Overall, I haven't been feeling my best, so it was great to go shopping.

Here are the items that I got from my shopping trip!

I really needed a plain grey top, so I bought one from Forever 21. It is really inexpensive, which is super awesome! I also have been wanting a soft flannel. I went to Brandy Melville the other day and the flannels they were selling were $45 and I was really close to purchasing one. Instead, I saved my money because I knew that I could find one for a decent price. This flannel is super soft and it's not like the thin material ones.

I stopped by a store called Urban Behavior and got these necklaces. It was buy one get another for $1. If you live in Canada, I know that Sirens, Urban Planet, Stitches, Bluenotes, and Urban Behavior sell the same things. 

I met up with someone at the mall who sells choker and necklaces that she makes locally. I got this Yin Yang choker for only $2. I collect chokers and it's unhealthy.

Lastly, I went to LUSH because I wanted to find a good cleanser. I didn't intend on purchasing anything because I wasn't too sure if I was willing to commit to the product, so I asked for samples. The employee tested Angels on Bare Skin and Ultrabland on my skin. I think that I'm going to purchase Angels on Bare Skin the next time I stop by the mall, because it makes my skin feel lighter and smooth. 

How are y'all doing? I apologize for being inactive.

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