Retail Therapy + Mini Haul


I just went shopping and it felt really great. I love spending time at the mall because it calms me down when I walk from store to store. 

I've been feeling under the weather being in school, starting my job, and being sick with a cold. Overall, I haven't been feeling my best, so it was great to go shopping.

Here are the items that I got from my shopping trip!

I really needed a plain grey top, so I bought one from Forever 21. It is really inexpensive, which is super awesome! I also have been wanting a soft flannel. I went to Brandy Melville the other day and the flannels they were selling were $45 and I was really close to purchasing one. Instead, I saved my money because I knew that I could find one for a decent price. This flannel is super soft and it's not like the thin material ones.

I stopped by a store called Urban Behavior and got these necklaces. It was buy one get another for $1. If you live in Canada, I know that Sirens, Urban Planet, Stitches, Bluenotes, and Urban Behavior sell the same things. 

I met up with someone at the mall who sells choker and necklaces that she makes locally. I got this Yin Yang choker for only $2. I collect chokers and it's unhealthy.

Lastly, I went to LUSH because I wanted to find a good cleanser. I didn't intend on purchasing anything because I wasn't too sure if I was willing to commit to the product, so I asked for samples. The employee tested Angels on Bare Skin and Ultrabland on my skin. I think that I'm going to purchase Angels on Bare Skin the next time I stop by the mall, because it makes my skin feel lighter and smooth. 

How are y'all doing? I apologize for being inactive.


What's in my Makeup Bag?


I don't think that I've done a post like this, but here are a bunch of things I have in my makeup bag! I literally put this bag in whatever backpack or purse I'm using because it's my beauty/first aid kit.

I actually didn't check what's in here until I took pictures. 

 This is my "makeup bag". It's actually a pencil case that I found at Wal-Mart.  

Blush and bronzer duo from Elf and a powder brush.

Duo eyeshadows from MAC: Shroom and Mystery and a spoolie and angled brush for my brows.

Cover Girl's clump crusher is really nice for "natural" looking lashes. I totally recommend it!

I carry a tiny tube of hand & body lotion. Lastly, I have a heart shaped compact mirror and a comb. 

What are your essentials to carry in your makeup bag?


Summer Isn't Over Yet


I hope that you all had a lovely weekend so far. I was really liking the way my outfit looked yesterday, so I thought that I would do another OOTD post. I get a lot of wonderful feedback on the outfits I put together, therefore I will be posting an "outfit of the day" every week on my blog.
It was my cousin's birthday party yesterday, and I wanted to dress very casual, but chic at the same time. Many outfits that I put together are very simple, but there is always a pop of pattern or accessory that makes it look like I put plenty of effort with my outfit.

My shoes are from Aliexpress and they come in black if you don't want white!
My distressed boyfriend jeans are from Gap
My kimono is actually a scarf from Forever 21. My boyfriend sewed it into a kimono.
My plain white tee is from H&M. I suggest going to H&M if you want some basics for a great price!

As for accessories, my necklace is from Brandy Melville, my watch is from American Apparel, and my black purse is from New Jersey!


August Favourites


Hello Lovely!
I'm back with another post featuring monthly favourites. 

As you all know, I went to New York city last month for almost a week. I bought this cities canvas bag from American Apparel. It's really spacious and it's great to have when you're carrying a bunch of things! I actually might use it for school sometimes. 

Next favourite are my Birkenstock knock-offs from Payless. These are as comfortable as the original Birkenstocks but for cheaper. Again, when I was walking around in the city that never sleeps, my feet were very comfortable. 

Last month, I've been trying to get more defined brows. I use Benefit's Boi-ing concealer  and the detailer brush from Real Techniques to highlight my brow bone and outer corners of my brows.

My portable charger has been my lifesaver. I lose battery quickly because I used to overcharge my phone, which messed up my iPhone's battery. (I actually dropped my charger which is why it has painter's tape.) You can find portable chargers at electronic stores, I even saw some at Urban Outfitters with cute prints.

My favourite thing to snack on is cookie butter!

Lastly, my all time makeup favourite from last month is Urban Decay's Naked Basics. Word on the street is that there is a new Naked Basics 2! I'm going to check that out and get my hands on it so that I can do a first impression and review!

Every single time I walk into Forever 21 or H&M, I always hear this song called Rather Be by Clean Bandit playing. I listen to this song on repeat and I will never get over it. Listen to it and watch the music video and tell me what you think!

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