Summer Formal Attire (Featuring Bonobos Summer Suit Collection)


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Let's take a little twist on today's post and discuss some cute outfits to wear on formal festivities. I will talk specifically about men clothing, so hopefully I can attract some male readers to this post. If you have read my post from ages ago about Spring Fashion trends for men, let me know if I should create more posts of men fashion! I love everything fashion, and what's hotter than a guy that dresses well? 

I was emailed by Jason, an online media manager for a company called Bonobos. Bonobos is a men's clothing brand that focusses on better-fitting clothes as well as an awesome shopping experience. Bonobos' Guideshop takes "Groomservice", which is an appointment for upcoming weds to pick the perfect suit for the Groom and his groomsmen. The people at Bonobos are very approachable and will cater to your needs.

The Foundation Slim - Chambray - Blue

I am a female, so the clothing on this site isn't exactly what I wear, but I can totally see the men in my life wearing clothing from Bonobos. I specifically asked my boyfriend to give me his opinion on these suits because his style has changed from a "hypebeast" or streetwear style into more of the clean preppy type.

The clothing in Bonobos' Summer Suit collection are perfect for warm weather weddings and mint juleps. The Summer Suit collection feature lightweight Cotton and Seersucker suits. It's important that the clothing you wear is breathable especially in the summer sun. 

In all honesty, it would be really awesome to have the clothing right in front of me so that I can give you my complete opinion. From the quality and material description on the Bonobos site, the suits appear to be breathable and wearable for the warm weather. 

Feel free to check out Bonobos Pinterest and browse at all the many pictures!

If you're looking for quality suits for warm weather occasions, take a look at the Bonobos website.  

In conclusion, I think that Bonobos is a great company for quality suits. They have a variety of suits to choose from for the right occasion. They offer special services such as the Groomservice and suit fittings. On the other hand, it would be really nice to have one of Bonobos' products in my hands so that I can give you my final verdict. Other than that, I have a positive first impression on this company, which is why I decided to make a post on their Summer Suit collection and share what they have to offer for the season. 

PS. These images are not mine, they were sent to me to use to feature the suits from the Summer collection!

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