How I Deep Clean My Makeup Brushes


Hello all you lovely people!
I'm going to share how I personally deep clean my makeup brushes. I'm open to trying other methods, so please do let me know how you clean your brushes because I would love to know. 

I give my makeup brushes a nice lather and rinse every week. Between days, I quickly spot clean my brushes. If you would like to see a post of how I spot clean my brushes, let me know in the comments!

It's very important to clean your brushes because bacteria can build up and your makeup wouldn't be applied to the best of its ability. If you apply makeup with a dirty brush, it can cause your skin to breakout. I don't think that anyone wants to have blemishes caused by something that you could prevent. 

I don't use a fancy cleanser or shampoo. I actually use olive oil and dish washing soap. 
 The soap detergent removes the dirt and the olive oil acts as a conditioner to keep the hairs soft after the wash. 

I put the two liquids in an empty LUSH mask pot (which I should bring to the store with along with my other empty pots to get a free face mask.) You can also use a plate or a bowl whatever your heart desires. 

I take a dirty brush add water and dip it into the mix of detergent and oil. 

Then I stick my palm out and swirl the brush on my palm. I swirl the brush onto my hand with the same pressure I use to apply makeup on my face. You don't want to press the brush too hard because it can damage the hairs. Bubbles will start to foam up and you can visibly see the makeup and dirt coming off the bristles and onto my hand. 

I squeeze the hairs together to shape it and to take out the soap in between the bristles.

Then I rinse the brush under "cool-medium" water. You don't what the water to be too hot or too cold because it can affect the neck where all the bristles are formed and glued.  Then I squeeze it again so that the brush will keep its shape when it dries.


Quick tip: always rinse your brushes with the head downward. Never ever rinse it upwards or else the glue in the neck of the brush will loosen which will cause shedding.

To let the brushes dry off, I like to put paper towels and lay the wet brushes flat. I let my brushes dry overnight so that I can use them the next day. I love having clean brushes and even cleaning them. 

I hope that this may have helped you! Have a lovely day.

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