Fall Appropriate


Hello Lovely! It is technically still summer time where I live, but the weather is slowly but surely proving that autumn is on its way. 

Here's a little outfit that I put together featuring items that I bought in New York! 

My outfit is really simple because it is just a blouse, a skirt, and booties. The style of the blouse and pattern of the skirt is what pulls the whole look together. 

My 3/4 sleeve length blouse is from Forever 21. It's a muted peachy pink colour with little ruffle details on both sides of the blouse. At the front of the top, there are strings that can be tied together into a bow. I didn't wear a necklace because the blouse is a statement piece.  

My gold Casio watch is from American Apparel, and it is essential since I wear it everyday.

My skater skirt is also from Forever 21. It has a very beautiful floral pattern that incorporates colours that scream fall season.

My booties are from a store called Rainbow. Rainbow doesn't exist in Canada, well not in my city. The store reminds me of a Canadian store called Urban Planet or Sirens. Anyways, I don't own brown booties, so I picked these bad boys up and I can already sense that these will be my fall staple shoes.  

I also threw on some sheer black tights to complete the outfit since it was a little chilly out.

Unfortunately, I go back to school this week so I won't be able to blog as much since I will be occupied. However, I will do my absolute best to post every week. 

I hope that you're having a lovely weekend!


New York & New Jersey Haul


Hello Lovely!

If you guys follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you would know that I went to the eastern side of the United States. I went to go to visit my cousins in New Jersey. I will discuss my adventures and how the overall trip went in a more detailed post, but to sum everything up, I blew my money because the tax and prices are lower than where I live and I walked so much around the city. 

I got souvenirs for my friends. 

I bought the Air Max 90 all white premiums and all black Roshe Runs with a hint of mint, and cute brown ankle booties for fall.

My cousin took me to SoHo and we went to Brandy Melville. I got this top that thats "Mermaids don't do homework" and a necklace that says "Fuck you".

Here's what I got makeup wise. I got a lipstick from the Novel Romance collection in Myself. I also got a lipliner in Beurre. I got these two products for $16.56 USD each because the tax in New Jersey is only 3%

I got the They're Real! Push up liner at Sephora in Times Square. Then in Newport, I got the Anastasia dipbrow pomade in Ebony and a Kat Von D concealer sample just to see if I would like it. 

Here are swatches of Beurre, Myself, and the push up liner from Benefit.

From Forever 21, I got this cute faux leather backpack for school and a floral circle skirt.

Lastly, (this was actually my first purchase in New York) I got this American Apparel canvas bag with many cities.


MAC Wishlist: A Novel Romance


Hello Lovely! 
I'm currently subscribed to MAC Cosmetics' emails, so I constantly get news on the upcoming collections. The newest collection, A Novel Romance just became live online for purchase. You can lust over the collection when it appears on the counters on August 21st, because I know that I will. 

Here are three items in the collection that I'm dying to have my hands on! 

A Novel Romance Wishlist

Love Power is an Electric Cool Eye Shadow. It's a soft shimmery rose colour and it reminds me of Maybelline's Colour tattoo. I own Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette and I think that Love Power would be a great base for the pinky nude eyeshadows. 

Myself is a lustre lipstick that I'm dying to get. It's a shimmery nude with a hint of beige that makes it look soft and subtle. I don't own many nude lipsticks, all my MAC lipsticks are loud and vibrant. 

Animal Instincts is a limited edition powder blush. It's a frosty plum colour that's perfect to achieve a warmer look in the fall. Although I'm not like "WOW, I really need this in my life because there is nothing like it", I think that the colour is gorgeous.   

Lastly, is a Cremesheen lipstick and it's called Yield to Love. It's a muted mid tone rose and I think that it's beautiful and wearable for everyday although it looks obnoxious in the bullet tube. 

Check out the lovely collection yourself and let me know what caught your eyes!

PS. For all you Simpson fans, (if y'all didn't know already) there's a collection coming out!


Stick to Neutrals


Hello Lovely!

I anticipated on making a look book video featuring my new babies, but I just haven't gotten around to making one. So here is an outfit that I put together not too long ago! If you follow me on Instagram, you would know all about this outfit and my new shoes.

My floppy hat was bought online. You can find a similar one on Amazon or Forever 21! 
I'm wearing a tattoo choker with a heart pendant and it was hand-made by a local Instagram shop. 

My halter top is from Brandy Melville, and I love it to bits, but I'm really sad that it's so airy and that it's just a cloth covering my front area. Underneath the chiffon halter, I'm wearing a plain black bandeau from Jacob. I'm wearing my "holy grail" disco pants from American Apparel. I cannot stress how much I love these pants. They just pull my stomach together and make be look super slim. My beige cardigan is from Reitmans and it's my favourite cardigan this whole summer. Ever since my mum picked it up for me, it's my go to outerwear. 

Lastly, the star of the show, my beautiful white platform sandals. They were bought online (I can't remember where, but if I do, I'll link it for sure!) They remind me of a kind of Jeffrey Campbell shoe!

 You tell me! Is my outfit a yay or nay? 


5 Beauty Hacks/Tips


Hello Lovely!
I'm going to share 5 of my favourite beauty tips with y'all, and let me know if you have your own beauty hack that I didn't mention. 

1. Cover bruises and scars with BB Cream
bb creams
In all honestly, I hate using BB cream on my face. Instead of it going to waste, I use it on  bruises, and scars that appear on my legs and arms. Using a BB cream specifically is great because it's tinted so it will even out your skin tone, it has SPF in it, and it's a moisturizer.  

2. Get longer lashes with baby powder or vaseline
If you want to have longer and fuller lashes, just apply baby powder or vaseline onto your eyelashes right before bedtime. Personally, I haven't tried putting baby powder, but I have tried using vaseline for my lower lashes and it does work! 

3. Plump and exfoliate lips with a toothbrush
You may have heard of this one already, but using a toothbrush is great for exfoliating. The toothbrush can be a bit abrasive and it will get the blood flowing to plump the lips. Since the bristles can be rough, its great for removing the dead skin.

4. Use olive oil to buff nails
I don't own a buffer, but another alternative that I learned from the web is to use olive oil to buff your nails. If you have really dry and brittle nails like me, the oil will condition and soften your nails. It keeps it smooth and shiny too!

5. Set your lipstick with translucent powder
matte lips
To keep lipstick long lasting, put a tissue over your lips and dust translucent powder to keep it in put. Also, if you dust powder on your lipstick, it could also mattify the colour!

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!


How I Deep Clean My Makeup Brushes


Hello all you lovely people!
I'm going to share how I personally deep clean my makeup brushes. I'm open to trying other methods, so please do let me know how you clean your brushes because I would love to know. 

I give my makeup brushes a nice lather and rinse every week. Between days, I quickly spot clean my brushes. If you would like to see a post of how I spot clean my brushes, let me know in the comments!

It's very important to clean your brushes because bacteria can build up and your makeup wouldn't be applied to the best of its ability. If you apply makeup with a dirty brush, it can cause your skin to breakout. I don't think that anyone wants to have blemishes caused by something that you could prevent. 

I don't use a fancy cleanser or shampoo. I actually use olive oil and dish washing soap. 
 The soap detergent removes the dirt and the olive oil acts as a conditioner to keep the hairs soft after the wash. 

I put the two liquids in an empty LUSH mask pot (which I should bring to the store with along with my other empty pots to get a free face mask.) You can also use a plate or a bowl whatever your heart desires. 

I take a dirty brush add water and dip it into the mix of detergent and oil. 

Then I stick my palm out and swirl the brush on my palm. I swirl the brush onto my hand with the same pressure I use to apply makeup on my face. You don't want to press the brush too hard because it can damage the hairs. Bubbles will start to foam up and you can visibly see the makeup and dirt coming off the bristles and onto my hand. 

I squeeze the hairs together to shape it and to take out the soap in between the bristles.

Then I rinse the brush under "cool-medium" water. You don't what the water to be too hot or too cold because it can affect the neck where all the bristles are formed and glued.  Then I squeeze it again so that the brush will keep its shape when it dries.


Quick tip: always rinse your brushes with the head downward. Never ever rinse it upwards or else the glue in the neck of the brush will loosen which will cause shedding.

To let the brushes dry off, I like to put paper towels and lay the wet brushes flat. I let my brushes dry overnight so that I can use them the next day. I love having clean brushes and even cleaning them. 

I hope that this may have helped you! Have a lovely day.


ModCloth Nail Klub: Dresses Challenge


Hello Lovely!

I was recently emailed by Amy, a ModStylist from ModCloth to take part in a nail art challenge. I thought of it as an opportunity to paint my nails again. 

I will admit that I have zero talent for nail art and drawing in general, so don't hit me with a rock. I'm aware that I'm not that great, but I will work on my nail art. 

I was asked to create a design on my nails inspired by one of the ModCloth dresses. 
I chose the "As We Rehearsed Dress" because I think that it looks classy and cute. Classy because it's black and white, and cute because of the lace detailing coming across the top part of the dress.

 This is my nail design. I painted my nails white as a base just like the dress. Then l used black nail polish to draw dots, blobs, and tiny flowers across my nail in a diagonal. I only did the design on my ring finger as an accent nail. Then I sealed my design with a clear coat. 

 I used these two polishes from Essie in Licorice and Blanc.

If you use black nail polish and you don't have a dotting tool (like me,) be resourceful and use the end of a bobby pin!

 Another alternative that is great for creating nail designs in this little tube from Claire's. You could also get nail art pens or stripers at the drugstore!

This bottle is awesome because it's a two in one: a pen and striper. 

If you're not that great at nail art (like me) you can always get nail stampers or nail wraps!

Look through ModCloth's Dress category and let me know in the comments which dress caught your attention!

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