Happy Canada Day! + My Pool Essentials


Hello lovelies! 
To all my Canadians, happy Canada day! 
I spent the sunny afternoon with my family at a water park. 

Here are a few of my essentials to bring to the pool!
 Bronzer - to give you that sun-kissed glow.
A brow pencil - you don't want to make your brows too intense, so lightly fill them in using soft strokes.
Mascara - preferably one that doesn't make your eyelashes intense. Or even better, use a waterproof one!
Lip balm - you have to keep your lips hydrated!
Concealer - for highlighting and hiding your dark circles.
A light eyeshadow stick - perfect for the inner tear ducts to brighten your eyes.

 Your favourite pair of sunnies to protect your eyes from the bright sun.
A hat to protect your face from the sun.

Silk scarf from Etude House is a hair mist that keeps your hair moisturized and soft. This is perfect when you've soaked your hair in pool water. It smells lovely too!
You cannot forget sunscreen. I can't stress it enough unless you want to get sun burned, by all means go ahead.
Flip-flops just to throw on when you go out of the pool.

 A cute bathing suit. Both my top and bottoms are from Ardenes. To all my Canadian girls, go and check out Ardenes because there's a 2/$20 on bikinis!

You cannot forget a camera. I really want to have a GoPro camera to capture all my adventurous activities.

 This slide is my favourite one because it's literally black inside and you never know when there's a drop or a quick turn.

 I was surprised at how shallow all the pools were.
I've went on every single slide in the water park because my family had all day admission. The lines were really short too which was a plus.

 I hope that all my Canadian readers have (had) a lovely Canada day! 

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