Happy (Belated) Birthday Caitlin!


It was my best friend's birthday a few weeks ago but she didn't have her birthday celebrated until now. My friends and I went to her place for an afternoon tea on her balcony. Everything was set up so cute! I surprised Caitlin saying that I was going camping to the United States for the 4th of July weekend (when I really didn't.)

On her actual birthday, we went to Chipotle right after school. Since her actual birthday was in the beginning of final exam season and since some of our friends were on vacation, she made her birthday party within summer vacation so that everyone was able to go.

Recently, it was her birthday party. It was tons of fun and it was great seeing all my best friends and catching up with them.

 The macarons are from an amazing cafe called Thierry. There were different macaron flavours, but my favourite is the Maple Pecan.

 The tea was also delicious considering that it's one of my favourite loose leaf teas. It's called Kokomo Green from David's Tea. It's a sweet smelling green tea that has papaya chunks, mangoes, rose petals and many other ingredients. 

 The super cute sandwiches were made by her mom and they were cut into different shapes like hearts, flowers, and stars. 

 For dinner, we had salad, garlic bread, and BBQ! The food at her party was delicious and to those who didn't come, you guys missed out!

It was really great seeing my friends again, especially to come and celebrate our friend's birthday. We're planning to go paddle boating so look forward to a post in the future of that adventure!

I hope that you all have a lovely week!

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