Collective Haul for July


Hello all you beautiful readers!

Since shopping is my cardio, don't be to surprised that I've purchased a lot during the first half of July. I shop to relieve my stress and to make my wallet cry, not me.

Anyways, here are a bunch of things that I've purchased so far in this month of July.

This is actually a scarf turned into a kimono that a girl originally made for me, but my boyfriend restitched everything properly.

I got this plain grey halter from a local Instagram closet. It's good to have basics in your wardrobe because you can always dress it up with a statement necklace or dress it down with some ripped jeans. 

These really cute flowy purple PJ pants is what my mom picked out for me! She even got herself a pair in a different colour and pattern.

I got these nude gun tattoo tights from a local Instagram shop. I saw a picture of one of my favourite bloggers, Jasmine Blu wearing them. Ever since then, I've had my eyes on them but never got the chance to purchase myself a pair.

Just yesterday, my mom and I went shopping. She saw this floral maxi dress at Forever 21 and asked me to put it on. I instantly fell in love. 

 I saw a few cute mannequins wearing cute play suits, so I scavenged around the whole store finding these jumpsuits. Of course, there were none in my size. I really needed a new romper because my favourite floral one's straps broke off. Luckily I found this floral jumpsuit  hidden. It was the only one left with this print and it was in my size!
I got these Elf eyeshadows from a trade, as well as this NARS eyeshadow.

 This NARS eyeshadow is so beautiful. It's in the color Fez, which is a velvety cocoa brown colour. 
I bought this Hard Candy heavy duty concealer. You could purchase this at Walmart. I'll do a first impression post, because I've heard a lot about this concealer and its coverage.

I also got this blush. I'm not completely sure if it's a dupe because I've never seen this packaging in stores unless it's discontinued.

Lip balms, you can never go wrong with lip balms.

I got makeup brushes. I lack a lot of make up brushes for my eyes and face, so I got a few. From left to right:
Eye brush from Forever 21 
Foundation brush from Real Techniques
Non-authentic MAC concealer brush
Eco tools crease brush
Non-authentic MAC crease brush
Non-authentic smudge brush

 I FINALLY PURCHASED THE MAC BRUSH CLEANSER. I use it to spot clean my brushes when I use different eyeshadows or just to clean my brushes quickly.
I got this donut bun from a partial through my Instagram boutique.

I bought these octagon glasses from another Instagram boutique.

Again, surprise surprise, I got these silver nail wraps from a local Instagram shop.

This super cute bunny cosmetic case is from Forever 21, and it's perfect for traveling because there are compartments for brushes and items. 

These ice cream polishes are from a local boutique. They're from the brand Etude House. I saw these polishes when I went to Asia, but my mom wouldn't let me buy much.

This Sinful colours polish is a freebie from one of my Instagram customers.

I got this Essie nail polish from a trade, and it's in the colour Sunday Funday.

Stay tuned for the second part of my July haul! I hope that you all have had a wonderful day!

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