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Many teenage girls my age stress about their bodies and achieving that "bikini bod." I was the type to not really care about getting that slim body because I felt that there was no need for me to impress anyone with the way I look. 
In a way, I was wrong

Currently, I've been taking the time to exercise to keep my body in shape. Also, I've been trying to cut down unhealthy things to achieve a more healthier lifestyle. 

I'm in a loving relationship with food, so it is really difficult to cut down on junk food and things that aren't beneficial to my body. I'm going to share some tips to help you and your body!

♥ You can eat junk food, as long as you workout enough to burn it off 
 Always know that you will see results depending on how much food you intake. If you put in more calories than the amount you lose, you're going to have to work harder. 

♥ Have snacks in between meals 
Don't keep yourself starving until the next meal. Grab a granola bar or make yourself a smoothie, that will keep your tummy satisfied! 

♥ Water is your best friend 
Water is very vital to your body since it does make a portion of your body. Drinking water replenishes your body. Drink water often because it fills your stomach and makes you feel less hungry! If you want a little more flavour to your water, add some fruits! Add lemons or cucumbers because it cleanses your body and helps with weight loss.

♥ Find a healthy alternative to your favourite junk food 

I used to love candy, which is why I have had over 10 fillings since I was 5. Instead of stocking up on Skittles, I keep my fridge filled with berries. I love raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. I love how they are bite sized almost like gummies. Choose something that will be beneficial to your body rather than just adding unhealthy fats.

I do not do this to impress anyone but myself. Although I've been exercising for about a week, of course I have not seen any progress appearance wise. I do see progress in my attitude. Lately, I've been very motivated to keep myself in shape because it will help me when I get older. My Biology teacher told me that exercise is important and your heart will really thank you in the future.

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