Happy (early) Birthday Morika!


Hello lovely! 
If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I went out for my friend's early birthday celebration. We went to a restaurant called Society and the place is super cute!

This drink is the Cotton candy mocktail. 
It's adorable because it has candy floss at the top! The drink is carbonated with cotton candy syrup. It's super sweet which complimented my taste buds last night. 

 As for my dinner, I got the poutine with short ribs. 
I know plenty of people don't know what a "poutine" is, I'm just going explain what a poutine is to all you non-Canadians (or those who have no clue.) A Poutine is composed of french fries, mozzarella, and gravy. It tingles in your mouth and is really delicious :3

 This my friends is the Junk Food platter. It consists of macarons, cookies, triple layer chocolate cake, donut holes, nutella creme brûlée, bread pudding, cotton candy and kettle corn!
This is Morika (the early birthday girl!) 

 I had no idea what to get her, so I played it safe and got her a gift card to MAC Cosmetics :)

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