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Many teenage girls my age stress about their bodies and achieving that "bikini bod." I was the type to not really care about getting that slim body because I felt that there was no need for me to impress anyone with the way I look. 
In a way, I was wrong

Currently, I've been taking the time to exercise to keep my body in shape. Also, I've been trying to cut down unhealthy things to achieve a more healthier lifestyle. 

I'm in a loving relationship with food, so it is really difficult to cut down on junk food and things that aren't beneficial to my body. I'm going to share some tips to help you and your body!

♥ You can eat junk food, as long as you workout enough to burn it off 
 Always know that you will see results depending on how much food you intake. If you put in more calories than the amount you lose, you're going to have to work harder. 

♥ Have snacks in between meals 
Don't keep yourself starving until the next meal. Grab a granola bar or make yourself a smoothie, that will keep your tummy satisfied! 

♥ Water is your best friend 
Water is very vital to your body since it does make a portion of your body. Drinking water replenishes your body. Drink water often because it fills your stomach and makes you feel less hungry! If you want a little more flavour to your water, add some fruits! Add lemons or cucumbers because it cleanses your body and helps with weight loss.

♥ Find a healthy alternative to your favourite junk food 

I used to love candy, which is why I have had over 10 fillings since I was 5. Instead of stocking up on Skittles, I keep my fridge filled with berries. I love raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. I love how they are bite sized almost like gummies. Choose something that will be beneficial to your body rather than just adding unhealthy fats.

I do not do this to impress anyone but myself. Although I've been exercising for about a week, of course I have not seen any progress appearance wise. I do see progress in my attitude. Lately, I've been very motivated to keep myself in shape because it will help me when I get older. My Biology teacher told me that exercise is important and your heart will really thank you in the future.


June Favourites


 It's that time of the month again! Since I missed my May favourites, I'm picking up from where I left off with my June favourites! 

Feel free to tell me what your June Favourites are below in the comments!

 Halters! All of June, I've been wearing halters, I only own these two from Brandy Melville at the moment, so I'm hoping to extend my collection.

If you've read my mini haul post, you would know that I got this choker from a lovely local Instagram boutique! I've been wearing this choker a lot along with my tattoo choker. You can find similar chokers like this on Etsy or online shops.

 Again, if you've read my post about a few things I've hauled, I got this pink crown wallet. I'm so glad that I bought it because I carry this wristlet everywhere with me. It has card slots, a pocket to keep money, and an area to put my phone in! This wristlet is great especially for the days I want to be minimal and not carry a purse.

 SUNGLASSES!!! It's the summertime, and the sun in Vancouver should be out. Either way, I'm still going to make use of my sunglasses. I don't have a lot of sunnies, but these are the ones I have at the moment. 

The heart shaped ones are from Icing by Claire's, the round ones are from Aldo, the one with the cute flowers are from Urban Planet, and the tortoise brown ones are from Yves Saint Laurent. 

I'm super late on this bandwagon of the Divergent series, but it's never too late. I had to read this book for English class, because part of my final exam was based on a novel that I've read. I got this book in early June and I binged read this book so that I knew the story well enough in time for my final. This book keeps you on your toes and I applaud Veronica Roth for her excellent work on this novel! The movie is somewhat similar to the book, so it's that not bad.

 Here are my food favourites: ice cream and raspberries. 
These two snacks are at the other ends of the spectrum where raspberries are healthy, and the Magnum white ice cream bars are more of the indulgent unhealthy snack. I see both of these as a guilty pleasure since I binge on these a lot. I don't know about you, but I treat fruits as if they were like candy to me. 
What's your favourite snack to munch on?

My favourite movie of this month is 22 Jump Street. 
I watched it recently with my boyfriend and we laughed so much. 
If you haven't watched it and you've watched 21 Jump Street, I suggest you watch it if you want a good laugh or if you just want to admire Channing Tatum because that's cool too.

Sam Smith has been my favourite artist to listen to all month. He has an amazing voice that makes you feel swoon. I love listening to his songs at night like my lullaby. My favourite songs from him are Stay with Me, Nirvana, Latch (acoustic), and Lay me Down (acoustic). 


First Impression: Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer


 I know that this product has been out for awhile, but I finally got around to purchasing it because I needed to try a new drugstore concealer. Usually I would cling to my Maybelline Fit Me concealer or my Maybelline Age Rewind concealer, but it's time to go out of my comfort zone.

 I bought the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer for $10, but prices may range wherever you get it!

 Let's talk about the applicator. The tip where the product comes off of is like a tiny paint brush or a felt tip marker.

 In my opinion just like the Fit Me concealer and Age Rewind concealer, I think that it's very unsanitary dabbing a brush that you used so many times (unless you clean it.)

To get the product out you have to twist the end and ever so slightly push up.

I'm pretty sure that I made the error of choosing the wrong shade. But I mean, concealers are supposed to be a little lighter. Concealers are used to brighten, highlight, and diminish dark areas and redness on your face.

 I blended the product with my fingers and it seemed to blend in well.

 I will do a "How I Highlight & Contour My Face" post one day. I don't conceal my face like this, but for the purpose of this first impression, I applied the concealer in the areas where it said to on the instructions. 

As a result, this product so far gets a 
There is nothing wrong with this concealer, it seem like a regular highlighting drugstore concealer out there. 

What is your favourite drugstore and high end concealer? 


Where's the Sun?


It's officially summer vacation for me, so lately I've been going out. There isn't much for me to do, so I just walk around and do a little shopping. 

 Today's weather was horrible. I hate it when it's humid, but there's also a little rain. Seriously Mother Nature you need to choose, will the day be rainy or sunny?

Here's a quick glance of what I wore today! Excuse my facials by the way.
Dress: Forever 21
Socks: American Apparel
Shoes: Juju Jelly
Watch: American Apparel

What is your opinion about chokers? Yay or Nay?
Top choker: Claire's
Bottom choker: Local boutique @deltasixofour on Instagram 

 I had a crap load of time on my hands so I travelled from downtown to richmond. 
 I went to Aberdeen mall which is a super asian mall located in Richmond. 
I went to Daiso which is an Asian dollar store and it has everything! It's amazing what you can find there. I picked up some really cute bags and stickers for my Instagram Boutique.

 Here are some of my "orders" already in their bags.

My boyfriend nags me about how I don't know how to save money. I saw this at Daiso and I was like yea "I need this." This will help me save up my money because I won't be able to open it.

At downtown, I went to Brandy Melville and finally got that white Sachi halter top! 
No doubt will I be going back to purchase more clothes!

Stay tuned for more posts!


Happy (early) Birthday Morika!


Hello lovely! 
If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I went out for my friend's early birthday celebration. We went to a restaurant called Society and the place is super cute!

This drink is the Cotton candy mocktail. 
It's adorable because it has candy floss at the top! The drink is carbonated with cotton candy syrup. It's super sweet which complimented my taste buds last night. 

 As for my dinner, I got the poutine with short ribs. 
I know plenty of people don't know what a "poutine" is, I'm just going explain what a poutine is to all you non-Canadians (or those who have no clue.) A Poutine is composed of french fries, mozzarella, and gravy. It tingles in your mouth and is really delicious :3

 This my friends is the Junk Food platter. It consists of macarons, cookies, triple layer chocolate cake, donut holes, nutella creme brûlée, bread pudding, cotton candy and kettle corn!
This is Morika (the early birthday girl!) 

 I had no idea what to get her, so I played it safe and got her a gift card to MAC Cosmetics :)

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