April Favourites


 I don't have that many favourites last month because I haven't really tried any new makeup products or worn certain apparel items a million times...So my favourites are mostly miscellaneous! Please let me know what some of your current favourites are! 

This Michael Kors bag is my "holy grail essential" and this style is called Sutton. My parents bought it for me randomly as a gift or "reward" for helping at home and for my good grades. 
 That hand model stand, whatever you want to call it, holds all my favourite rings! I've been wearing serious ring bling lately and just stacking knuckle rings from Aldo is my favourite! 
 This Real Techniques foundation brush is the greatest makeup brush that I ever bought (so far) This is my first brush from Real Techniques and all I can say is *heart eye emoji*. The brush hairs are super soft and I can't wait to get more brushes!
 That Fujifilm Instax mini is something I got when I was in Singapore and I used it all the time (only when I have film) 
 Lastly, this Starbucks vanilla frappuchino is all that I've been sipping on (besides water) but it's honestly soooo good!

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