I Mustache You a Question...


Kathleen, how can I get rid of my peach fuzz without plucking, waxing, or shaving?

The method that I use is pretty simple. Since I have dark hair, my upper lip has a shadow. It is completely normal for a female to have a peach fuzz, some are just blessed to have lighter hair facial hair.

I'm not allowed to pull out the hairs, so my solution is cream bleach. 

 This is the brand that I use and it can be found at drug stores.
 It comes with the cream, accelerator, a spatula, a mixing tray, and a set of instructions.  
 You have to take a portion of the cream, as well as the accelerator and mix the two together.
 I recommend that you test out the cream bleach on your forearm so that you can see if you are allergic to it or not.

 Apply the mixture onto your upper lip and leave it for 10 minutes. Go watch a YouTube video, scroll through my blog, just keep yourself occupied. 
I will admit that the scent is really strong and that it can start to feel irritating after 6 minutes. It just means that the cream is working, so don't freak out.

Once the time is up, your hairs will be blonde which makes it less noticeable than having a dark peach fuzz.

 Will my hairs come off? No, your hairs will still be there, just lighter, blonde even.
 How much is it? Under $10 (depending where you live)
 How long do the hairs stay blonde? Around 2-3 weeks

If you have any questions, queries, or concerns, feel free to ask me in the comments below!


OOTD: Brandy Melville is Taking Over


 Recently, I went shopping with my mom and we bought a bunch of clothes for really cheap. I got this dress (I forgot where, I'm sorry) and it totally reminds me of the Jada Dress from Brandy Melville.

 Here is my outfit from a few days ago.

Dress: Garage (I think) or Urban Planet
Bralette: Brandy Melville
Choker: Claire's

I was thinking about doing certain posts like a room tour, my makeup collection, my shoe collection, what's in my bag, hairstyle to do with shoulder length hair...
What do you think?

 I hope that you're having a lovely weekend so far! And I would like to greet all the Mothers out there, I hope that you all have a wonderful Mother's Day and thank you for all that you do.

April Favourites


 I don't have that many favourites last month because I haven't really tried any new makeup products or worn certain apparel items a million times...So my favourites are mostly miscellaneous! Please let me know what some of your current favourites are! 

This Michael Kors bag is my "holy grail essential" and this style is called Sutton. My parents bought it for me randomly as a gift or "reward" for helping at home and for my good grades. 
 That hand model stand, whatever you want to call it, holds all my favourite rings! I've been wearing serious ring bling lately and just stacking knuckle rings from Aldo is my favourite! 
 This Real Techniques foundation brush is the greatest makeup brush that I ever bought (so far) This is my first brush from Real Techniques and all I can say is *heart eye emoji*. The brush hairs are super soft and I can't wait to get more brushes!
 That Fujifilm Instax mini is something I got when I was in Singapore and I used it all the time (only when I have film) 
 Lastly, this Starbucks vanilla frappuchino is all that I've been sipping on (besides water) but it's honestly soooo good!


Adventures with Kate & Cat (& Others): Parfaits at Mimibuloveme


Hi everyone :3 
Nope, I'm not dead. I've just been really occupied with school that I couldn't dedicate some time to make a blog post (that's how busy I am) but I'm back :) And I have a couple of more posts coming up!

(This was actually a long time ago, so bare with me)

The place that my friends and I wanted to go to at first was closed until 3pm, so we didn't go straight to the place. So we ate lunch at the nearby mall's food court.
I had Calamari and Caesar salad from Opa!

Once 3 o'Clock rolled by, my friends and I went to Mimibuloveme.
The place is so cute, and it's really small.
We all got Parfaits. Vanessa got a hedgehog, Caitlin got a Matcha green tea one, and I got the Strawberry cheesecake.

ps. What kind of post do you want to see next?

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