Spring Fashion Trends: For Men


Hello lovelies! I have no school today, so I thought that I would make a post to add on to my post from a few days ago. Here are some upcoming trends for men. 

Who said that florals was strictly a feminine print? Floral on men look really nice, especially when the outfit is properly put together.
Camo has been in for awhile in my opinion. My friends told me that camo was "so last year". Actually camo is a really nice print that goes well whenever as long as its paired right.
Throwback Vibe
The past is coming to the future! Old trends from the 40s-50s are making it's comeback.

Colour/Pattern Blocking
I'm not completely in love with this trend, but apparently colour blocking and blocking in general is an upcoming trend for the men.

The pictures are from GQ Magazine. 

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