March Favourites


Hello lovely! 
The months are rolling by fast and then when you know it, it's already 2015! 

Here are a bunch of things I've been liking for this month. I hope that it inspires you to try them out.

 Servana ankle booties from Aldo Shoes. 
These shoes remind me of tea parties for some reason. From my previous OOTD, I discovered these shoes from one of my favourite YouTubers. These booties come in two colours, black and gray-ish white. I went for the snowy one because I own way too many black shoes. I needed variety.

 Pure Seduction body mist from Victoria Secret.
This has a really fruity scent and it's great for the spring time!

 Great Lash (Lots of Lashes) mascara from Maybelline.
This was one of my first mascaras when I started wearing makeup. I stopped using it for a while and then I went back to it. It has a tear drop applicator which is really nice if you want to have lashes that flare out in the ends.

I've bought macarons at least three times this month. My favourite flavours are pistachio, chocolate caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut.

 Ruby Woo matte lipstick from MAC.
I got this lipstick from my boyfriend for my birthday. He always complains about how I don't wear it whenever I'm hanging out with him. But trust me, I've been wearing it through out this month.

 Cut out ankle booties.
I've been wearing these shoes with almost every outfit this month. Literally. I forgot that I own other shoes too, heh.

Here are songs that I've been listening to this whole month. On repeat, seriously.

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