Girl Time, Sleepover


I spent a few days of my spring break at my cousin, Tiffany's place. We had a sleepover and we had a long day of adventures after. 
 Tiff, Alexa, and I were super hungry, so we went to the grocery store around 10.

 We got a chocolate cake, raspberries, blackberries, gummies, sour patch kids, and fuzzy peaches. While pigging out, we watched a bunch of videos from Jimmy Kimmel. 

This one is my fave HAHA!

We slept at around 2, and we woke up at 9 because we went to the PlayDome. 

 It was really cool because it was an indoor carnival.
 The thing that sucked was that the admission for rides is $29. It was really expensive, but it was really fun.
 Poor Hello Kitty!
 After screaming so hard on rides, we went to La Petite Cuillere for some high tea.
 To calm ourselves down, we went for a scenic drive and we stopped by the beach.
It was still super cold. You would only see kids play in the sand with a winter jacket on in Canada! HAHA. Despite the chilly weather, it was lovely.

I hope that all of y'all will have a wonderful week! I know I won't because I'm going back to school.

ps. Sorry for posting twice in one day, I just wanted to catch up with all my posts!

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