The Day I Ditched School


Hello lovlies! I'm so sorry for being so MIA. I've been so busy! It's spring break for me now, so I'll be posting more often! Recently, I've been enjoying my last few days of school, and binge-watching the Fosters. Do you watch The Fosters? Do you like the show?

No, I actually did not technically "ditch" school.  I went on a field trip with my school's guests from Japan. We went to the aquarium and then we biked around. Shout out to the homestay hosts who did not tag along because they wanted to stay at school for the "sockhop". You guys missed out on free admission to the Aquarium and free ice cream!

 Almost every aquarium that I have been to has Nemo and Dory!

 We rented bikes and had a bike ride that was worth two hours.

 It was so much fun and I wouldn't mind biking around with my family or friends some other time!
 We had a pit stop to take pictures of the beautiful scenery.

We also stopped to get some ice cream! My Grade 8-9 Science Teacher treated the Japanese students and I to some ice cream! It was pretty awesome and I got Red Velvet :3

My Japanese student Shoko will be leaving on Sunday, so I will be taking her around the city tomorrow!

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