Adventures with Kate & Cat: Macaroon or Macaron?


Hello lovelies! I only had one week of spring break (booo! *thumbs down*) Anyways, my spring break consisted mostly of eating. 

I had to do a project with my friends, Michael and Caitlin. After "working" on it, we went to get some Golden California Rolls. 
After eating sushi, Caitlin and I went to Thierry which is a cute cafe, but it is known for having Macarons. Michael didn't tag along because he doesn't really like Macarons. 
I've been calling Macarons Macaroons for the longest time ever. 
Ugh, Mac-ah-rewns Mac-ah-rons, Tom-ay-toe, Tom-ah-toe. 
 The packaging is super cute, it's a hexagon shaped tube.
 I got the 7 count, it's super pricey D: $14 for 7! I got 3 Vanilla, 1 Mango Tango, and 3 Chocolate Caramel. SOOOOO GOOD. 
I hope that you have a lovely week!

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