March Favourites


Hello lovely! 
The months are rolling by fast and then when you know it, it's already 2015! 

Here are a bunch of things I've been liking for this month. I hope that it inspires you to try them out.

 Servana ankle booties from Aldo Shoes. 
These shoes remind me of tea parties for some reason. From my previous OOTD, I discovered these shoes from one of my favourite YouTubers. These booties come in two colours, black and gray-ish white. I went for the snowy one because I own way too many black shoes. I needed variety.

 Pure Seduction body mist from Victoria Secret.
This has a really fruity scent and it's great for the spring time!

 Great Lash (Lots of Lashes) mascara from Maybelline.
This was one of my first mascaras when I started wearing makeup. I stopped using it for a while and then I went back to it. It has a tear drop applicator which is really nice if you want to have lashes that flare out in the ends.

I've bought macarons at least three times this month. My favourite flavours are pistachio, chocolate caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut.

 Ruby Woo matte lipstick from MAC.
I got this lipstick from my boyfriend for my birthday. He always complains about how I don't wear it whenever I'm hanging out with him. But trust me, I've been wearing it through out this month.

 Cut out ankle booties.
I've been wearing these shoes with almost every outfit this month. Literally. I forgot that I own other shoes too, heh.

Here are songs that I've been listening to this whole month. On repeat, seriously.


Adventures with Kate & Cat: Macaroon or Macaron?


Hello lovelies! I only had one week of spring break (booo! *thumbs down*) Anyways, my spring break consisted mostly of eating. 

I had to do a project with my friends, Michael and Caitlin. After "working" on it, we went to get some Golden California Rolls. 
After eating sushi, Caitlin and I went to Thierry which is a cute cafe, but it is known for having Macarons. Michael didn't tag along because he doesn't really like Macarons. 
I've been calling Macarons Macaroons for the longest time ever. 
Ugh, Mac-ah-rewns Mac-ah-rons, Tom-ay-toe, Tom-ah-toe. 
 The packaging is super cute, it's a hexagon shaped tube.
 I got the 7 count, it's super pricey D: $14 for 7! I got 3 Vanilla, 1 Mango Tango, and 3 Chocolate Caramel. SOOOOO GOOD. 
I hope that you have a lovely week!


OOTD: Servana


Here's how I styled my new shoes.
Dress: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Aldo
I will admit that the process of breaking these shoes in are a killer. But, walking in 4 inch heels around town makes me feel like a lady.
I discovered these shoes from my favourite YouTuber, clothesencounters. She posted a video of her Spring Haul and she got these shoes too!

I actually got these booties on sale! They were originally $120, but they were reduced to $79.98! That's a $40 difference, and I think that it's great.

These shoes are lovely, because you can dress them up and down. These shoes would look especially nice with jeans that are cuffed at the ankle!

 I hope that you all have a great day!


Girl Time, Sleepover


I spent a few days of my spring break at my cousin, Tiffany's place. We had a sleepover and we had a long day of adventures after. 
 Tiff, Alexa, and I were super hungry, so we went to the grocery store around 10.

 We got a chocolate cake, raspberries, blackberries, gummies, sour patch kids, and fuzzy peaches. While pigging out, we watched a bunch of videos from Jimmy Kimmel. 

This one is my fave HAHA!

We slept at around 2, and we woke up at 9 because we went to the PlayDome. 

 It was really cool because it was an indoor carnival.
 The thing that sucked was that the admission for rides is $29. It was really expensive, but it was really fun.
 Poor Hello Kitty!
 After screaming so hard on rides, we went to La Petite Cuillere for some high tea.
 To calm ourselves down, we went for a scenic drive and we stopped by the beach.
It was still super cold. You would only see kids play in the sand with a winter jacket on in Canada! HAHA. Despite the chilly weather, it was lovely.

I hope that all of y'all will have a wonderful week! I know I won't because I'm going back to school.

ps. Sorry for posting twice in one day, I just wanted to catch up with all my posts!


OOTD: Outfit of Yesterday


Here are the details of my outfit! My dress is from Forever 21. 

I went to American Apparel at first to buy the babydoll dress in a really pretty purple/pink floral print but then I changed my mind because of the price. Then I went to Forever 21 right after and I remembered that one of my favourite bloggers Karina posted on her blog about how there are AA look-a-likes in Forever 21. I saw a daisy print babydoll dress on a mannequin and I was like OMG Q.Q 

A babydoll dress for $17CAD at Forever 21 is a steal because the one at AA is $62CAD

I'm running out of things to post, so if you want me to post something in particular, feel free to tell me in the comments!

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