Sunday Funday


 It's freezing where I live because it snowed overnight. I'm hoping that it will snow again tonight so that school would be cancelled!

 I had a thick jacket when I went out, don't worry! I'm wearing a circle scarf from Aldo, a light wash jean vest, an olive blouse from Old Navy, black disco pants from American Apparel, and cut out booties.

 My cousin, Tiffany and I went to La Petite Cuillere for some tea, but unfortunately, it was busy! So we bought macaroons and left. I got pistachio, vanilla, and raspberry chocolate. 
 This place is super dainty. I really love how they have cute china tea cups for sale and some have succulents in them! I'm going to get myself a tea cup with a plant in it for decoration in my room :3

 After getting macaroons, we went to Romers Burger Bar. Their food is amazing, so I definitely recommend that you go there if you live near one.
 Tiff and I got garlic fries on the side. 
 I got the Man's Man Burger. It claims to be "THE BEST DAMN BURGER TO HIT YOUR LIPS" and I totally agree! It consists of thick applewood bacon, amber ale cheddar, smoked alder salts, onion strings, whole-grain mustard, and olive oil mayo. It is super yummy!

Thanks for reading! I hope that you all have a lovely week!

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