What I Received for My Birthday


I have very amazing and generous friends and family! They really didn't need to get me all of these things for my birthday, but it was really nice of them to.

 Here are all the gifts that I got for my Seventeenth birthday!

 These are from my relatives. 
My aunt got me a beautiful floral dress from Forever 21 as well as the pink card 
My other aunt got me a beautiful charm bracelet from Michael Hill
My cousin made me an awesome card the says "Happy Birfday Coz!". In the card, he wrote a cheesy poem. 
My other cousin made me the Lumpy Space Princess card which is my favourite character in Adventure Time. 

 Here are the gifts that my friends gave me.

This is what my friend Morika gave me. 
A lovely letter 
MAC pan shadow in the colour Satin Taupe
 A floral dress from Zara Portugal

 I got the They're Real Mascara from my close friend, Donna. I've been wanting this mascara for the longest time ever, and I finally get to try it out!

 My other close friend Alfanet, aka my "homie" got me this lip gloss set from Victoria Secret. I love this because they all smell so good and there are different colours!

 This is from my "main bitch", Caitlin. We've been bffs since Kindergarten and counting. 
She made a collage and framed it
She got me an Elf eyeshadow brush
Two MAC pans in the colours All That Glitters and Phloof!

This is from my "sista" Michael. He printed pictures and compiled them into an album. He also got me a gift card to American Apparel! 

 This gift is from Rigel (He's that guy who made a dance video and dedicated it to me). 
He got me a Retro Matte lipstick from MAC in the colour Ruby Woo. 
He also got me a Casio watch from American Apparel
 From my "babe", Vanessa, I got a pretty Frost lipstick from MAC in the colour Angel.

Lastly, I went to Sephora to get the Beauty Insider birthday gift. I also treated myself with this boxed blush that I've been eyeing for awhile. It's the Rockateur blush from Benefit. 

These are all the gifts that I got for my birthday and I'm truly thankful for everything that I got. If any of my friend are reading this, I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting me gifts :3 Thank you for also spending time with me on my birthday. 

Rockateur First Impression
Victoria Secret Shiny Kiss First Impression
Beauty Insider Birthday Gift Review

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