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I recently bought a MAC palette that I could customize myself! (If you follow me on instagram you would already know) I've actually been wanting to purchase one for awhile, so since I had the money, I was like why not? First purchase of the New Year HOLLAAAAAA!
 Inside these two boxes are an insert and the case itself. The palette structure is $12.00 CAD. There are other options too. You could get an eyeshadow duo, quad, pro longwear that holds 6 eyeshadows, blush palette that holds 6, eyeshadow palette that holds 15 (which is what I picked), and and eyeshadow insert that holds 30. You can even have one side with 15 eyeshadows and 6 blushes on the other side!
The case closure is awesome because it's magnetic which in my opinion is easy to open and close. 

These are the two shadows that I picked out to start my palette. 
I'm going for a more neutral palette because I'm not into coloured eye shadows.

I love the employees at MAC! They're super sweet and helpful. There was this one worker who assisted me, I don't really know her name, but she's a lovely person. 
I asked her what was a good colour to fill my brows with and she recommended Mystery which is a Satin deep brown colour. It goes on pretty sheer, well at least on my skin, but what's great is that it's buildable. 
She also suggested Shroom as a highlight and just something to put on my tear ducts to brighten my eyes. She recommended Shroom because it's a Satin soft-beige colour which looks good with other colours other than neutrals. 
 These shadow pan refills are $12.00 CAD which, in my opinion is a much better deal than getting the individual eyeshadows which are $18.00 CAD each.

 This is what the empty palette looks like assembled. It's actually pretty hard to take out. 
 This is what it looks with with my two pan shadows inside. I am utterly excited for this palette and I can't wait to fill the whole palette!
Once I fill my palette, I will make another post about it so stay tuned!

The other eye shadow colours that I want are:
All That Glitters
 Style Snob
 Satin Taupe


Thank you so much for reading :3

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