High Tea Time with Tiff


Hello lovely!
My cousin, Tiffany took me out for High Tea. I was super excited because it was my very first time going out for tea and pastries. It was a lovely experience and I would love to go for High Tea again.

I couldn't get over how cute and dainty the place is.
 We went to the Secret Garden for our High Tea date.

The food was delicious. It was so tiny, but surprisingly I was really full, probably because of the tea. 
 This plate had Secret Garden Egg Pinwheels,
House Roasted Turkey Breast and Cranberry Relish Sandwich on Mini Croissant,
Roast Beef and Aged Cheddar Sandwich on Sauteed Onion Biscuit. 
My favourite was the one with poppy seeds on top, which was the Roast Beef and Aged Cheddar one.

 I think that this plate had jam, heavy whipped cream, Zucchini Chocolate loaves, and  Scones with apricot in the middle. (I'm unsure, because I forgot and the website doesn't mention this)

The scone is delicious as well as the chocolate loaf!

 The top tier has Tangy Mini Lemon Curd Tart,
Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingerbread Scented Cream,
Hazelnut and Sweet Chestnut Chocolate Mousse Cake.
The Hazelnut mousse cake tastes like Ferrero Rocher. It's is really delicious.

I was trying to play it safe since that it was my first time at High Tea, so I opted for Mango. It is a Black Tea that is described as a fresh piquant Mango flavour
and beautiful golden colour.

Pinkies out :3

Over all, I had a lovely day with my cousin. It was a great day for us because we bonded and talked about boys and all that stuff that girls talk about.

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