Fondue and Skating with the Mains


Hello there! 
I went out with two of my close friends. We went out for fondue and then we went skating right after. 
We got bread, cookies, bananas, grapes, pineapples, strawberries, apples, and ice cream!
It was super duper delicious

These are my two lovely friends, Vanessa (left) and Caitlin (middle) :3 I've mentioned both of them in a couple of posts. Both of them were in one of the pictures in this post. They were also mentioned in this post. Oh and Caitlin was mentioned in this post!

 This is the outdoor ice rink that we went to!

 I cannot skate at all. Well I can, but I'm not very good at it. I actually used to take skating lessons long ago, but I hated it. So most of the time, I held my "babes" hands

I was skating with Vanessa, and she let go of me and looked away. When she looked back I fell. It was pretty mortifying because I was just skating and I lost balance and landed forward onto the ice. It was really funny because I fell infront of a guy. He was concerned and asked me if I was okay, but I just laughed it off. If you were there, I'm pretty sure that you would have laughed because that's what Vanessa did! 

I hope that you're having a lovely weekend! 

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