January Favourites


Can you believe that this month is almost over?! Time really does pass by. Anyways, I apologize for the lack of posts, I've just been so occupied with school, I haven't had the time to sit  in front of the computer and blog about beauty and lifestyle things.

I've been seriously loving my custom MAC palette! I currently have 5 pans, and I'm 2/3rds away from completing it!

From left to right, I have: Shroom, Phloof!, All That Glitters, Satin Taupe, and Mystery.

I bought this blush as a little birthday treat for myself. This is the Rockateur and almost every beauty guru is in love with this blush.
It's a very beautiful blush because of its rosy gold hue.

I've been wearing this lipstick the most this month. It's a frost lipstick from MAC and it is called Angel. 

 I've been drenching myself with this body mist from Dove. It's a very sweet "perfumey" scent, and I love it.
I've been pushing myself to be more into teas. I went to David's Tea with my boyfriend recently and I picked out this tea called Kokoma Green. The reason why I picked this tea is because it has mango in it and I love mango teas. It smells delicious and it has a good taste. 

 Don't judge me, but I have a jar of Nutella in my room for whenever I want a dose of chocolate. Unhealthy, I know.
Ever since I got this watch for my birthday, I've just been wearing it non-stop.
Huge thank you to Rigel :3
 Another favourite is my journal. I don't write every single day, but I do write when something great happened.
 These are the pages within the journal.

I love my planner. It helps me stay organized and on top of my work. I has a calendar, memo space for your weeks, pages to keep record of your money, and a shopping/wish list.

Song ♡ End of the World - Hunter Hunted
Movie ♡ Ride Along
Food ♡ McDonald's Big Mac 

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Beauty Insider Birthday Gift Review


Hello lovelies! 
It's about time that I talk about Sephora's Beauty Insider birthday gift for 2014. 
I missed the one last year, so this is my first time getting a birthday gift from Sephora. 

Quick rant~
I don't know if it's just my experience, but every time I walk into Sephora, the employees just aren't my cup of tea. Which is one of the reasons why I hate going into Sephora. Whenever I go into MAC or LUSH, the workers are super sweet and helpful

This year's brand is Make Up For Ever. 
Last year was Benefit, and last last year's was Fresh (I believe). 
It comes with a mini lipstick and mascara.
I don't own anything from Make Up Forever, so I was very interested.
The mascara is called the Smoky Extravagant Mascara and the full size retails in Sephora for $28.
My left eyelashes are not curled and my right eyelashes are curled.
My eyelashes aren't too bad because over the summer, I brushed my lashes every night with Vaseline to make them grow a bit and thicken.

 This lipstick is called Rouge Artist Natural and it is $23. I'm not a huge fan of this colour, but it's decent and nice for everyday wear.

It's not a colour that I would generally gravitate towards, but the texture is really nice and moisturizing.

The wand is really cute and I like how it's a tear drop shape. It keeps my lashes up and volumized. I wore it once at school (without touching up), but my mascara was smudged once I got home.

The whole birthday gift is not too bad. But I don't think that I will be purchasing the full sizes.

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