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Hey y'all HAHA! I recently went to the mall with my friends. I only bought one thing which is this lipstick from MAC! I initially went to MAC to buy a lipstick from the Rihanna collection. Unfortunately, all of the lipsticks were sold out! I have been wanting the Cyber lipstick, so I thought why not? 

It appears black in the picture, but it's actually a deep purple in the tube!

I'm not really sure what to say about the packaging, because it's nothing special, and I believe that most of MAC's products have slick black packaging. 

 I've heard so many good things about this lipstick, so I decided to get it. I've been wanting it for awhile now and it was on my Christmas Wishlist, so I just bought it.

Cyber is described (on MAC) as an intense blackish purple colour. I agree with that description because it is very dark and daring.

It's a statement colour and I honestly don't think that it's very wearable. I actually don't think that I'll be wearing this lipstick that often, but I will try to get a lot of use of it!

If you want to be daring, you should get this plummy lipstick!

Little update of my life right now:
I have 2 more days of school and then I can finally say hello to the Winter Break! I just got my report card today, and not bad, not bad. I plan to do better after the Winter Break!!

Have a lovely day :3
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