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Hello again :3 How are you today? 

I recently went to LUSH to buy a gift for my friend because her birthday is coming up. She wanted me to get her something from LUSH because she's never tried anything from that store and she knows that I am obsessed with LUSH. Anyways, this is a small haul because I was very indecisive on what to get. I bought a few bath ballistics that I've been wanting. Once I save up, I will definitely buy more things. 

Aren't the holiday bags cute or what? The bag is adorable! ♡
 These are the things that I got. I bought a gift box, 3 bath bombs, soap, and a lotion. 

Hopefully my friend doesn't see this, but this is pretty much the gift box that I got her. It's called Buttercup and it filled with a bath bomb and soap. The soap is called Honey I washed the Kids Soap and it smells divine. It smells like sweet honey goodness. Along with the soap is a Butterball Bath bomb. It smells like vanilla just as described, and it also makes your skin smooth.

I bought myself this soap called Angel's Delight. I've been wanting this soap for the longest time. It smells like fruit punch which I love. I love getting products that smell like sweet candy or fruits. If you stop by LUSH, please go and smell this and tell me what you think of it! ♡

 I got a bath ballistic. This is one of the limited edition products for Christmas. I love how it has a jolly Santa face. This bath bomb is called Father Christmas. It has citrusy smell which is up my alley.

 Another bath bomb that I got is called So White. It reminds me of Snow White not only because the slightly similar name, but also because it smells like apples. I'm actually allergic to eating apples, but I love the smell of it.

The last bath ballistic that I bought is called Pink. I think that this was my very first bath bomb (or was it Space Girl? Heh, I forgot) Pink is inspired by Audrey Hepburn, hence the name "Pink" which is a colour that she loves. It makes your bath water a beautiful pink colour and it leaves little hearts in the tub.

 The last item that I got is the Charity Pot. It was at the counter when I was checking out and the employee was luring me to buy it. It smells like almond creaminess, LOL. It's a good lotion because it keeps your skin moisturized. Whenever you buy the Charity Pot, the proceeds go to Grassroots charities. It's a win win product because it makes your hands super soft, but your purchase goes to a good cause.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this post! It means a lot to me ♡ 
Let me know if you would like any reviews on certain items going into depth of it!   

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