Gifts to Give Your Kawaii Princess


Hi there! This post is filled with a bunch of gift ideas to give your "kawaii princess(es)" such as your nieces, little cousins, little sisters etc etc. A huge thank you to Sugar-Pet for giving me this idea! Here's what I personally think that would be cute gifts to give them!  

kawaii princess

If you plan to get clothing, I suggest something with cute prints like florals or polka dots. 
(All the clothing items shown are from Forever 21)

 For miscellaneous things, go for something from LUSH! The Magic wand would be a cute gift, because your kawaii princess would reuse it! I also think that the Fun from LUSH is a good gift too! Fun from LUSH are mouldable soaps like Play-doh with 4-in-1 qualities. It's a soap, shampoo, bubble bath and it's a fun toy! When I was smaller, I also wanted a Tamagotchi, which is what I got from Santa when I was around 10 :3 
Another great gift would be plushies :3 
I remember as a little girl, I always wanted a huge Hello Kitty plushie. I actually got what I wanted when I was little from my very kind friend from Japan! ♡ 

As for accessories, I think that cute little headbands with details are your best bet. Beanies that have a big pom-pom or a Cupcake beanie from Neff would be an adorable gift to give as well. Bows, bows, bows - What's more girly than bows? They sell cute bows at American Apparel, Forever 21, and etsy!

Lastly, candy would be nice to give kids! What kid doesn't like candy? Make sure not to give too much though!

Good luck shopping for your Kawaii Princess(es)!

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