Father Christmas Bath Bomb


Hello all you lovely peoples :3 I decided to relax last night with a lovely lush bath. I have a couple of bath bombs that I need to use up!
This is the Father Christmas bath bomb. It is a limited edition bath bomb and I believe that it's not available anymore. Hopefully LUSH will bring this one back for you to try yourself!

As you can see, Father Christmas looks like Santa's face; moustache, beard and everything. I think that it looks super cute.
When you drop it into the water, it turns a peachy colour and there is a bit of green peaking through. When I bought this, the employee told me that when you pop it into the tub, the water is red at first and then it turns green!

 Last year, the Father Christmas bath bomb had gold glitter in it, and this one doesn't. 

 The bath water turns into a pretty emerald green colour and it's very pretty. It's too bad that my camera can't catch the colour that you see in person. 

Appearance of Bomb: 
I think that the look of the bath bomb matches well with the name. Kudos to you LUSH!

I'm not very fond of the smell. It's a citrusy scent. When you sniff the bomb, it smells great. I'm not sure if it's just me, but when I plunked it into the tub, it smelled like window cleaner.

It was $6.40 CAD. Usually people who don't buy much from LUSH are like "Oh gawd, that's expensive!", but I think that it's a decent price for that bath bomb. The bath bombs at LUSH range from $3.95-$6.95. For a huge bath bomb that is almost the size on my hand, I'd say that $6.40 is not too shabby.

Effect on (my) Skin: 
I've tried maybe 5 bath bombs so far, and they pretty much have the same effect on my skin. Father Christmas made my skin really soft in the end. When you lather with the bath water, it feels silky and smooth. 

I'm hoping that they sell this bomb again next year!   

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